New Paddle Grip early units

We finished the hard testing on our new product, the RSPRO Paddle Grip.

Surface of Paddle Grip RSPRO

We're still producing it almost manually, so it's still not available online, so make sure to join our newsletter to be informed when we launch officially.

But if you can't wait, we're producing a limited production, so fill in this form if you want an early unit from the first (almost manual) production batch.

Detail image of RailSaverPRO Paddle Grip logo


  • Improve the grip of your paddle, without using wax, foams, or sprays.
  • High tech rubber with water-repellent technology that offers you the best compromise between grip and comfort.
  • One single measure to fit every paddle in the market: 28cmx10cm (11"x3.9")
  • Super-strong adhesive backing for easy installation.
  • Black color.
  • Superlight: 21 grams (the same as your soul)

We've been working on this more than one year. Finally we can confirm that we have the cooler paddle grip you have ever seen. At least on planet earth.

Feel the better compromise between grip and comfort for a higher power transmission on your paddling, and do not a miss a paddle stroke.

Additional benefits:

  • Avoid wax, sprays, tennis tape and other messy odd jobs
  • Improve your reach by having a constant reference for hand placing
  • Pladdle longer, paddle harder

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