The Mediterranean dream

Barcelona, where RSPro was born, and where it's based, is wonderful location: beautiful area, good weather all year long, good manufacturing facilities, universities and culture, but the surf ... the surf sucks. 

Waves are rare in the Mediterranean. Only good from time to time in winter. But for 2016 Neptune had different plants: in the North of Italy, in Varazze, RSPro ambassador and SUP surf master Federico Piccinaglia, just scored 14 consecutive days of perfect waves.

Don't you believe?. Here you have a selection of just some waves. He has thousands of photos from this "14 days Mediterranean dream"

Federico Piccinaglia perfect surf in the Med


Federico Piccinaglia perfect SUP in the Med

Federico Piccinaglia GoPro face view perfect surf in the Med

Federico Piccinaglia with the Naish Raptor

Federico Piccinaglia off the lip