New transparent RailSaverPRO in the works

You ask ... we deliver

Some of you have asked for a transparent version of our amazing RSPRO material, and we always answered: no.

No, because, we're always committed to high quality, and the problem with a transparent railsaver would be, not the protector itself, but the adhesive. Being exposed to the UV rays, the adhesive would become yellow over time, giving a poor appearance to the railsaver ... and your board.

But, as you know, we're always researching and innovating, and together with one of our customers in the automotive industry, we developed an adhesive for the RSPRO railsaver that resist UV rays, and that would last more than your board itself.

We're finishing the testing phase with incredible results, and we're scheduling a pilot production. Send us a mail if you're interested in receiving one set for test.

Super clear transparent rail saver pro