Rail Saver PRO is repositionable

After reading this fun and sincere customer testimonial: "Hi,
I installed the RailSaver on a Paddle Surf Hawaii 8'6" Wide Ripper, but it has white rails with no pinlines near the rail to use as a guide so it didn't come out perfectly straight (my fault.)  In hindsight I think I should have put masking tape or something along the rail first to use as a guide.  However, I was anxious to put it on.  It still looks okay though, and works great. I'll try to send a photo by this weekend, then you can decide if this is testimony you'd like to include" we realized that we must remember you that one of the multiple benefits of RailSaverPRO is that it's veeeery easy to install.

Rail Saver PRO is easy to reposition

Doesn't matter if you align it wrongly, because during the first minutes, you can reposition it as many times as you want, but after a few hours ... it sticks like hell: MAGIC.

Have a look a t our installation video to prove it: