RSPRO Paddle Grip

Close look at RaiSaverPRO Paddle Grip

We're proud to present to you RailSaverPRO's new product: The RSPRO Paddle Grip

If you want to increase your power, improve your comfort or both while paddling, this is your definitive weapon of choice. Designed and developed during more than one year, using automotive technology and the most advanced materials, now we're starting to produce it at our Barcelona's factory.


  • High tech rubber with water-repellent technology that offers you the best compromise between grip and comfort.
  • One single measure to fit every paddle in the market: 28cmx10cm (11"x3.9")
  • Super-strong adhesive backing for easy installation.
  • Black color.
  • Superlight: 21 grams (the same as your soul)

High res RSPRO Paddle Grip

Added benefits:

  • Avoid wax, sprays, tennis tape and other messy odd jobs
  • Improve your reach by having a constant reference for hand placing
  • Pladdle longer, paddle harder, don't miss a stroke.

How to install it:

RailSaverPRO Paddle Grip Installation from Rail Saver PRO on Vimeo.

  • Start by cleaning the paddle shaft with soap and water (make sure you get rid of any wax, silicone or similar)
  • Mark where do you want the grip to be positioned (maybe it's time to challenge yourself for a longer reach)
  • Starting by the power side of the shaft, peel part of the backing and carefully align it vertically.
  • Apply pressure along the grip
  • You can now start wrapping the grip around the shaft, peeling, wrapping and applying pressure all around.
  • On most paddles the grip would overlap (It's designed to work great overlapping, so don't worry)
  • Apply some pressure evenly all around and ... that's all
  • Now you'll receive a piece of tape to finish the overlapping area so the edges does not unstuck

Some added suggestions:

  • Wait at least 6 hours before going to the water.

How to remove it:

  • Use a heat gun or hairdryer to remove it. It would soften the powerful adhesive and minimize sticky residues