Paddle Grip improvement

We received a great feedback from our customers on the Paddle Grip RSPRO, so good, that the product is out of stock at the moment of writing this lines. 

But we have to reckon a few of you have reported unstuck edges. And as we aim at TOTAL customer satisfaction, we started to investigate the cause. After testing, we concluded that when installing the Paddle Grip on hot and/or not perfectly clear conditions, the overlapping area of the grip may stick not tight enough to avoid water entering. And salt water is not a good friend of adhesives, so the edge unstuck.

You had the solution, but we perfected it, and made it easier: from now, you'll receive a piece of tape to finish the overlapping area so the edges does not unstuck.

Paddle Grip detail

Backside of RailSaverPRO paddle grip


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