Joan Bonet. The real PRO

We're starting a new series of interviews with our ambassadors. Fellow lovers of Stand Up Paddle like you, but as you'll read and see, they're not ordinary people, they're RailSaverPRO people.

And we're starting with our of the early birds, with Joan Bonet, aka Johny Crash. Forget about professional surfers or professional paddlers, nobody, I repeat, nobody SUP surfs as much as he does. And nobody, makes so cool GoPro photos, he's The Real PRO

RailSaverPRO ambassador Joan Bonet at sunset

RailSaverPRO: Hello Joan, let's start by introducing yourself. How would you introduce yourself to our audience in two sentences?

Joan Bonet: I like living where I live and do what I do.

When, how, but above all, why did you started Stand Up Paddling? What hooks you to the sport?

I've always lived by the sea, and started surfing when I was 15, even my job in Majorca is also dedicated to the sea. One day when I was at the beach, Pere Sureda, a good friend, came with a Stand Up Paddle board. There was a mini wave which I would never thought was surfable, but took that monster-sized board and gave it a try. My feeling was the same as when I was 15 and started surfing, I was discovering something new, something different, that would give me the opportunity to surf more and more days. I jumped on this new sport and startd a new life, a life that allows me to surf so many days in this island.

Do you compete on SUP, or are you in just for the fun?

The truth is that here in Majorca is hard to compete, but whenever I can, I escape to some SUP national championship. You know, living in an island it's hard to compete. You depend on boats or planes, is expensive and takes so much time. But I always think that maybe someday one brand will help me to improve my SUP and to get more out of the island. Is my passion, a part of me. I'm like a fish with scales. Waves are my passion.

Joan Bonet searching for the barrel


You are our idol. We see on your facebook and on a daily basis photos and videos of your SUP surf sessions. People from abroad may not realice that in Majorca you almost have surf everyday during winter. How do you manage to get to the water every day, and what do you have in Majorca to attract so many swells?

That's funny ;-) and I won't give you the answer. It's a secret.

I love photography and I was tired of friends who never wanted to take photos because everybody wants to be in the water, so decided to buy my first little GoPro camera to take pictures by myself. I started taking lots of photos, and I can proudly affirm that I can count more than 1 million photos. This is amazing.

I want to give thanks to GoPro USA, because they helped me to this day. Without their support and cameras it would be impossible.

Regarding the time I work on what I like at SEA Fusion watersports, I work very hard during summer season, so in winter I have much more free time for surfing. I'm a way more free during winter but I keep distributing surf related gear: Peppersurf,, Spsurf, Jangawetsuits. And I go to bed whenever I can, so I can go to the water at sunrise.

Apart from being our ambassador, what other brands do you represent?

I must say was the first to support me, and for me is a huge satisfaction, apart that now my boards last more ;-). I also work for a majorcan brand: Peppersurf. It has been for many years in surfing as Panic Point, but withe the rise of SUP, decided to switch and founded Peppersurf. We have a great team, and I work on sales and anything necessary. Then there's my big family GoPro USA. Thanks to them, lots of people know me for my photos. Spsurf is catalan brand from friends who pioneered on the inflatable stand up paddle. I also represent Jangawetsuits, a portuguese brand which makes amazingly elastic wetsuits, and of course again with Without you, and without everyone else, it wouldn't be possible to have so much fun in the water.

Your GoPro photos are awesome, and you got a great recognition for them. Any tips or tricks for us mere mortal hobby photographers?

LOL ... do not consider me as a professional photographer, it's just a hobby. This little camera gave me an array of endless possibilities and allowed me to untap my imagination. My photos won't be as they are without GoPro. 

Some recommendations: if you use it for watersports, remember to use a float at the back, as the camera for itself doesn't float, and if it get sunk, you'll never find it again. Also do not have the camera always on. It generates heat, and can build some fog inside, so turn it on only when the real fun comes. And to end with: practice makes perfect. GoPro makes friends!

Just to end up, sum up your philosophy on a short sentence

Sa roqueta! Be water!

Joan Bonet uses Paddle Grip RSPRO from RailSaverPRO

Be water my friend