Interview: Trevor Tunnington

RailSaverPRO ambassador: Trevor Tunnington from Oz a young a promising talent with ambitious plans. Follow him


RailSaverPRO: Hello Trev, let's start by introducing yourself. How would you introduce yourself in two sentences to our audience?

Trevor: Hey, I’m Trevor Tunnington, I recently turned 17 and am a Starboard team rider, Railsaver PRO Ambassador and my personal gym trainer is Chad Islip at Jetts Gym.

Trevor Tunnington Starboard and RailSaverPRO

RSP: When, how, but above all, why did you started Stand Up Paddling? What hooks you to the sport?

I started SUP about October 2010 and joined the race scene in February 2012. I started paddling when I walked passed a sup for the first time, there was a sign that said “Free Demo” and so I gave it a go! I really liked it first time and described it as walking on water. The family and I went for our first lesson in October and from then on I was hooked. I found my passion for racing about a year and a half later.

RSP: How is the SUP scene down under?. Describe it a little bit to us 

SUP in Australia has really taken off lately, we have many top international competitors in the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, as well as some top racers on the West coast too.

RSP: So, you started pretty soon competing on SUP racing. Why did you decided to start racing?

I decided to start SUP Racing when I saw a flyer for a local race at a beach where I surf. I finished the race and was really interested in the race boards, so did some research and we bought my first race board.

Trev Tunnington at the Gold Coast Australia

RSP: Which are your main objectives for 2014 season and specially for the 2015 season? 

My main objective in 2014 is to do well at Lost Mills in Germany. I would really like to do well in this race because there are some world class paddlers entering such as Connor Baxter, Danny Ching and Beau O Brian…

As for 2015, I haven’t thought that far ahead, but after school (I am currently in year 11) I would like to do the Stand Up Word Tour.

RSP: How do you manage the always difficult family/work/training balance? 

It is a challenge to fit everything in but my main routine for the day would be getting up at 6, going for a train/surf, rush from training to school, get home from school and paddle again in some way or a gym session with Chad and then do some homework if I have time.

RSP: Which are your (not secret) training routines?. Do you prefer to work on improving on your strenghts? Or on reducing your weaknesses? 

Racing secrets… I like to train at a variety of different speeds, training is not always about pushing yourself to the limit, but instead it is about learning to be able to pace yourself at a variety of different speeds and levels.

RSP: Just to end up, sum up your philosophy on a short sentence

My philosophy is to wake up each morning, do some exercise and make the most of each day.

Trev turning racing SUP