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"Journals from the Edge" by Bill Boyum

Did you know that we have a legend between our amazing team of ambassadors? Bill Boyum is a living legend who discovered with his brother what is known today as G-Land. And Bill recently launched a book telling the story: "Journals from the Edge"  Let's let Bill introduce us the book:  "A friend and I motorcycled and finally hiked along an isolated beach that we discovered in 1972. We walked the line between the big surf of the Indian ocean and an untouched jungle on the SE tip of Java, Indonesia, camping and surfing a perfect left for three days until our supplies ran out. Later we made more trips on boats and finally my brother Mike and I began...

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Stand Up Paddle downwind from Hawaii

Rail Saver PRO ambassador from Hawaii, Bill Boyum sent us this amazing downwind video from the South Shore of Hawaii: If you can watch it in high resolution     Stand Up Paddle downwinds are one of the greatest pleasures of life. If you never tried, add it immediately to your to-do list, you'll LOVE it. Ah!!!, and protect the rail of your board, because it doesn't matter how good you're, your board will take a beating.

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