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HexaTraction Candy Shop edition installed on a surfboard
HexaTraction Candy Shop Edition on heaven
HexaTraction Candy Shop on the supermarket
HexaTraction Candy Shop edition close look
HexaTraction Candy Shop edition packaging
HexaTraction layout examples on surrfboards
HexaTraction layout examples on SUP boards

HexaTraction Candy Shop Edition

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Candy Shop edition HexaTraction is a multicolor option that makes your board “pop”. Arrange them as you like and have fun.

Welcome to the Candy Shop.

The real HexaTraction™️ in candy colors

  • Temperature independent grip and traction alternative to wax and pads.
  • EcoDurability: HexaTraction has lower environmental impact because it's designed to last.
  • Light, thin, and doesn't absorb water.
  • No melting, no hassle, no residues, no contamination.
  • Super-easy to install modular configuration.
  • Candy multi-color edition: Pink, light blue, yellow, green, dark blue and garnet.
  • Works everywhere: epoxy, polyester and soft boards.
  • UV protection and waterproofing for your board deck.
  • Automotive, RSPro® quality
  • Design&manufacturing in Barcelona.
  • Read in full about the 9 benefits of RSPro® HexaTraction® 
  • Read FAQs about HexaTraction


  • 1 Standard kit (box) is composed by 18 full hexagons and 4 half hexagons of 16cm (6.3") and a HexaTraction star shaped installation template.
  • Standard kit net weight: 115 grams / 4 ounces. 
  • Surf shortboard: 1 standard kit (box) would be enough. Check the image with layout examples.
  • Fun boards and Long boards: 2 standard kits (boxes) recommended. 3 for longer than 8' boards. Check the image with layout examples.
  • SUP nose: 1 standard kit (box) would be enough. Check the image with layout examples.
  • SUP full deck: 2-3 standard kits (boxes) recommended. Check the image with layout examples.
  • Note sure?. Download this HexaTraction template
  • Care & maintenance tips

Need 2 kits? Use code BUNDLEHEXA2 at checkout for a discount. 

Need 3 kits? Use code BUNDLEHEXA3 at checkout for a discount.

Get it together with the Front Grip for a #waxlesssurfboard.

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