What do an electric bike brand and a surf accessories brand have in common?

Rayvolt and RSPro.

A surfboard with RSPro products in Rayvolt office in Barcelona Born area

Quite a lot in fact.

Rayvolt is a brand of premium electric bicycles from Barcelona, which is committed to sustainable mobility, high technology and vintage character, to offer an alternative to traditional vehicles, cleaner and without sacrificing style.

The Hav X RSPro surfboard with a green Rayvolt bike

Rayvolt has always maintained a close relationship with the world of surfing and SUP thanks to its founder, Mathieu Rauzier, who developed his own brand of boards and worked alongside Starboard for several years before deciding on land mobility.

RSPro founder Carles Carrera with a Hav X RSPro green surfboard on a Rayvolt bike


Ecologically aware

Cool aesthetics

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