Collection: SUP rail protection

SUP board rails get dings and chips. Good news is you can keep your board looking fresh and cool protecting the rails. If you do it, get the highest quality, and best looking rail protection on the market, and join the tens of thousands of happy customers worldwide.

     Avoid cheap imitations to protect your valuable board and keep its reselling value.

    As used by Starboard, ION and Mistral brands

    "I’ve got RSPro SUP rail guards on all four of my Sunova surfing SUPs. I started doing this based on the recommendation from my local Sunova rep for the first board I got, and since then it is a standard part of my setup for these boards. I can clearly tell that the rail guards have protected the rails, and I appreciate that I don’t have to worry about being gentle with the paddle when I’m catching waves. They really help protect the significant investment I have in these boards." Jeff Schlueter

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    • All RSPro™️ products are not only designed in Barcelona. They are manufactured, packaged and shipped from BCN

    • Safeguard your gear from hits and abrasions, keeping it looking new and preserving its value and appeal

    • All RSPro™️ products are designed for effortless DIY installation. Quick, intuitive, and no special tools needed

    • Crafted to be as thin and light as possible, RSPro™️ products deliver robust protection without the bulk