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Paddle Grip Hexa

Paddle Grip Hexa

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Ultra light and ultra thin Paddle Grip with HexaTraction™️ technology

Increased grip in 6 grams:

  • Improve the grip of your paddle, avoiding wax, sprays, tennis tape and other messy odd jobs.
  • Ultra light at only 6 grams, enhancing your paddle's performance without adding noticeable weight.
  • Improve your reach by having a constant reference for hand placing.
  • Opt for our vibrant Yellow Fluor or the new White color variants for effortless visibility of your paddle in the waters.
  • Single measure to fit most paddles in the market.
  • Easy to install auto-adhesive technology.
  • Born and Made in Barcelona, each RSPro Paddle Grip Hexa is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and innovation, reflecting our commitment to unparalleled paddle sports performance.


  • 1 piece. 28cmx10cm (11"x3.9"). 6 grams.
  • Ultra thin HexaTraction® technology on a super thin layer. 
  • Adhesive backing.
  • For paddles with a shaft perimeter up to 9.5cm (3.7").
  • Does NOT work on tapered shafts. Check measure before on oval shafts.

"Racing without RSPro's Paddle Grip last weekend really showed its value. Struggling with arm pump throughout the race was a harsh reminder of how essential the grip is for endurance and control. I won’t make that mistake again!". Pepe Oltra

For any queries, visit our FAQ section, RSPro installation page for tips on application and removal, and explore customer testimonials. Our warranty policy.  provides additional peace of mind.

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