Tens of thousands of happy customers all over the world.

Have a look at some of them:

  • Torsten. Flensburg (Germany). Several Edge Savers and Rail Savers 
SUPr paddle with the edge saver jumbo white by rspro

 "I like your Edge Saver Jumbo and this time it works great with all Edge Savers. Easy to install and no bubbles while sticking it. Doesn't it look great on the Supr race blade? Thank you for your Service and for sending a replacement delivery as there was an issue with the last delivery."

  • Alan. Georgia (USA). Stripes RSPRO (Yellow/Black)

 "As a paddle surfer with a low level of proficiency, I needed rail tape that REALLY protected my board. Yours does a great job shielding my Jimmy Lewis and my starboard. Thank you for bomb proof rail tape. We needed it."


  • Heidi. California (USA). Hibiscus RSPRO (Clear/Green)

Heidi Stone from California and her Hibiscus RSPro rail protection

"I had a definite pattern of scraping the rails with my paddle shaft, so made sure my new, narrower 404 carbon was protected! I tried another brand, but it wrinkled in the heat. Decided to do the right thing and got a rail guard that sticks well and looks nice. In 2 months [with nearly daily abuse] the RSPro Rail Guard still looks new and has done it’s job well. Bonus 1: The texture makes it a little ‘grippy-er’ when hoisting it overhead - especially when the board is still a little wet. Bonus 2: Love the colour and design, which matches my SUP - and makes it a chick board ;)"


  • William. Georgia (USA). Clear RSPRO
Rail Saver PRO on a Naish Wood Veneer


"I have put RailSaver Pro on 2 of my boards now and I am very happy with it. Easy to install and Great rail protection. It is hands down the best rail tape out there!"


  • Luke. Florida (USA). Stripes'14 RSPRO (Black/White)


"gotz Railsaver pro for all my SUP's and my girls SUP too! here is my bro Prescott riding my L41 simsup in some small gulf of mexico leftovers sunday morning the RSP's do a fantastic job of protecting my rails!"


  • Bennie. Florida (USA). Clear RSPRO
RSPRO customer Benny from Florida


"Your rail saver pro was the best thing I bought to protect my board. I have been hit so many times by kayaks on the river and yet there has been no scratches or marks on my board. I am sure to buy it again for my next board."


  • Diego. Verona (Italia). Hibiscus RSPRO (Orange Fluor)
Hibiscus RSPRO rail saver on RRD SUP board


"Ciao ho acquistato i railsaverpro e vanno bene anche la grafica e la qualità sono ottimi, forse il prezzo è un pò caro, però vanno bene" "


  • Emilio. Georgia (USA). Stripes RSPRO (Black/White)
Incredible results after RailSaverPRO installation
Before: "Didn't know what to do cover all that marks ..."
After: "Looking like a brand new board"


  • Carl. Cumbria (UK). Several Clear RSPRO

Clear rail saver pro protection on a Fanatic All Wave board

"I bought RailSaver to protect my new Fanatic Allwave and it does what it says on the tin, not a mark on the rails after 3 months heavy use. This is a top quality product which is well worth the price, fitting is easy, bubble-free, there's no sign of it peeling off and it still looks like new, unlike other rail tape I've used. Top marks to RailSaver for ease of purchase, communication, friendly service and speedy dispatch. A highly recommended product and company."

  • Frank. Santa Rosa (USA). Several railsavers

"I heard about RailSaverPRO from a fellow stand up paddle surfer. I've tried other stuff like helicopter tape (which didn't stand up to the paddle strikes). I was in the process of repairing two of my boards. The white RailSaverPro is now protecting and hiding my repaired rails. I was so impressed with the product, that when I purchased a new board, I waited to use it until I received and installed RailSaverPro.

Also, I can't believe how fast I received my orders from RailSaverPRO. Great product, great service and simple to install. The railsavers are a little pricy, but well worth the price, cheap insurance!"

  • Gregg. Hood River (USA). Stripes RSPRO (Black/White)

Happy US customer from Hodd River with RailSaverPRO

Fastest rail saver on earth Rail Saver PRO

"I installed RSP on a dedicated downwind board as well as on a dedicated race board. I paddle these boards for between 1 and 3 hours per day in everything from screaming downwind runs to crowded course racing where boards get banged all the time. The RSP is an amazing product. It not only provides incredible protection, it looks great! It is far superior to any other rail tapes that are out there. I'm careful with my boards but you just can't help the random bump here and there. RSP has protected both boards again and again. I would recommend it to anyone serious about protecting their investment in paddling! "

  • Alun. Wales (UK). Clear RSPRO

Silver Starboard boards with CLEAR RSPRO railsavers

"I bought the clear Railsaver Pro for my Starboard 10'5" Widepoint. The Railsaver Pro is of a very high quality and it arrived quickly. Whilst the instructional video was of help I would have liked some additional instructions on fitting the Railsaver. Looking back at where i have fitted both sides I feel as if I have placed them a little too high on the rails but hopefully it will be ok otherwise I may have to remove it and buy some more!?! With greater care and knowledge I could have avoided this potential mistake!! Nevertheless it looks like the best rail tape available. "

  • Jose. Miami (USA). Several models

Nah Skwell SUP board protected with RailSaverPRO

"Espero no tengas inconveniente en que te escriba en castellano, pero es mi idioma materno y me expreso mejor. Ya tuve le oportunidad de instalar los productos (ver fotos adjuntas) y realmente no me puedo quejar. Todo funcionó muy bien la compra en línea, el envío, el producto, incluso la instalación. La única sugerencia que tengo es que me hubiese gustado que tuvieran una cinta transparente, pero con algún diseño. Según vi en el sitio, la cinta transparente no tiene nada, y las que tienen diseño, no son transparentes. Esto para el caso particular de una de mis tablas, en donde instalé la cinta un poco abajo, para que no tapara la marca de la tabla, como se aprecia en la foto."

  • Olivier. Quiberon (France). Several models

Gong SUP board protected with railsaverpro

"Deja 3 Rails Saver Pro installés sur mes SUP Gong , super facile a installés , très bonne protection des rails contre les coups de pagaies , et permet de poser la board sur les rails sans l’abimer , et un gros plus pour les SUP Gong , il devient pratiquement invisible , la couleur est quasi identique , concernant la tenue dans le temps , ca bouge pas d’un poil

  • Jerome. La Planche (France). XTREME RSPRO

Xtreme RSPRO Jerome Blanchard

"The rail saver PRO is now installed on my SUP board. As it is 12' long i had to use two lenghts. I have installed it with the greatest of ease ! As you see on the picture enclosed it match perfectly with my board design. Thank you.".

  • Kurt. California (USA). Clear RSPRO

"The best rail saver I have used yet. I got the clear and it very clear, not tinted like others. It was also very easy to take off and re-apply when I put it on at a slight angle. Don't use anything else if you love your board.".

  • Martin. Victoria (Autralia). Several models

Clear railsaverpro from Victoria, Austrlalia

"Love the Rail saver product so much I ordered a new set before my new board arrived!
This is number 4 now. I would not have a board with Railsaver along for the ride! Just crazy if you don't use it!. Getting good at fitting now, had enough practice. Thanks, Love your work".

  • Ray. Tequesta (USA). Several models

"My order came in today. We don’t get such speedy delivery within our country. I of course left work early to install on my wife’s SUP. The product went on like a charm and looks even better than expected. I will be ordering a set for my PSH SUP in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to all. love my Tribal rail protectors".

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  • Denise. Atlanta (USA). Tribal RSPRO (White/Blue)

White and blue Tribal rail saver on the beach

"I love my Tribal rail protectors".

  • Martin. Dandenong (Australia). Several railsavers

Australian flag from Rail Saver PRO from Trevor

"Great Product, easy to fit fast delivery!. Saves your valuable investment from unwanted marks and damage!. Too easy, no brainer"

  • Pete. Kent (USA). Stripes RSPRO (Black/Red)

"Love the rail tape. Only one suggestion. I would like to see it where you can buy it by the length and not a fixed length. It would be nice to be able to fit one solid piece all the way down the rail of a 14' board"

  • Gregory. Ostende (Belgium). Stripes RSPRO (White/Black)

White and Black Stripes RSPRO railsaver on a Sector SUP board

" First of all, I can't thank you guys enough for inventing this product, the RailsaverPro, it is really the shit, no more dings or black stains on my rails, I love it!!!. It's the first thing I will mount whenever I buy a new board, it makes life much easier. What is really special that you can customize it and have all sorts of colours, ... just great; everybody should have it, no more boards would be sold, sorry big brands, just a joke. Anyway, thanks again for this invention, keep up the good work and I hope to buy the paddle grip too"

  • Bill. Hawaii (USA). Several models

Smiles on a railsaverpro protected board

Downwind pic on a railsaverpro protected SIC SUP board

Hawaiian customer entering the water with tribal red rail saver

"Rail Saver is a very tough protective surface that is easy to apply and a great addition to the ascetics of the board.  The glue has been solid for the two years I've had Rail Saver on the board yet it's possible to remove the product and reapply whenever I've had dings to repair in that area.  Besides a protection from paddle wear, here's a huge benefit I've enjoyed from Rail Saver Pro.  I come in from a long paddle, tired and need a moment rest before to hoist my large board up onto my truck racks. Whether I'm standing on gravel or asphalt, I'm confident to prop my board on its side against my leg, feeling secure that my rails won't receive one scratch.  Impressive product.  Thanks Rail Saver!" 

  • Paul. Cardiff (Whales). Tribal RSPRO (Black/Green)

Godlike light on tribal green rail savers

Tribal green rail saver

"Great product, functional and improves looks. Don't bother with cheap tape, which yellows with age. You get what you pay for"

  • Chris. British Columbia (Canada). Tribal RSPRO (Red/White). Tribal RSPRO (Black/Green)

Black and Green RailSaverPRO

"We LOVE our RailSaverPRO here in Canada ... even on a very cool, wet fall day at a beautiful mountain lake" .

  • Jean-Michel. Tarbes (France). Clear RSPRO

Clear RSPRO rail saver on a white SUP board

"I bought this product a few months ago for a board NSP 10.2, top quality. Easy to install, excellent performance and fast delivery. A really good idea with a very nice price. Forgot all other products on the market"

  • Armand. St.Cyprien (France). Tribal RSPRO (Red/White)

"My beloved board staid in the south, I do not have it with me.... just a word to say shipment was very quick, the board has been transformed thanks to th erailsaver design, from basic to really cool and really unique."

  • Gian Luca. Rome (Italy). Flags RSPRO (Black/Italy)

Flags RSPRO railsaver installed on a white SUP board

"I bought Railsaver Italian Style before the board and I'm very happy for this product!. Very fast buy procedure and shipping, It's easy to apply Railsaver ond the board and it's very safe... I liked it a lot!. Good quality and good designe I love Railsaver!".

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  • Micah. Alabama (USA). Several models

Morelli and Melvin SUP board with a rail saver from Rail Saver PRO

"Shipping was incredibly fast! I think I had it the next day! Quality and style are just as admirable! I even ordered some more! IT WILL BE ON ALL OF MY BOARDS!".

  • Jim. Hawaii (USA). Stripes RSPRO (Black/Red)

Starboard race sup board with railsaverpro protection

"Looks good works good. A friend was helping me and dropped my board thank God it landed on the rail tape ( no dings or scratches ) ".

  • Justin. Florida (USA). Various models

Yolo board with black rail saver pro

"I needed the RailSavers to save the sides of my Yolo paddleboards from the paddle punishment they have taken.  I would highly recommend a RailSaver for anyone who has kids or inexperienced friends using their paddleboards and for anyone who uses oversized paddles like I do (Quickblade 110’s or 120’s) since I have a habit of letting the larger paddle blades hit the sides of my board.  The RailSaver has helped me protect my paddleboard investments where my family and friends can enjoy them for years to come.  Thank you for a great product".

  • David. Alabama (Australia). Tribal RSPRO (Red/White)

McTavish with RailSaverPRO red

" Service: speedy delivery; Product: hard wearing; Value: worth it; Appearance: great, adds value to SUP. It's so good I'm purchasing some for my daughter's SUP".

  • Francis. Honolulu (Hawaii). Clear RSPRO

"I received and installed Rail Saver Pro on my board. I'm impressed with the product quality and ease of installation! Looks and feels bulletproof! Shipping was fast and cost was reasonable! Highest recommendations!".

  • Stefano. Rimini (Italy). Several RSPRO models

Yellow railverpro protective rail saver on a Bark SUP board

Yellow rail saver protection on a Bark SUP board

"Installation is very simple, it is important to thoroughly clean the surface of the board. The cost may seem high, but the quality of the material is very high, well-shaped and in particular the adhesive is very resistant to the contrary of other products"

  • James. Winchester (UK). RSPRO Flat (White)

"Many thanks for your speedy delivery service. The material looks really hard wearing and immediately improved the look of my board"

  • Laurent. Chateau d'Olone (France). RSPRO Tribal (Red/White)

Gong SUP bamboo board protected with rail saver pro

nice view of gong board with RailSaverPRO

"Very easy to install : it's possible to move it for a best position after paste it. It protect the rail of the board without problem in hard condition"

  • Paolo. Rome (Italy). Several models

Jimmy Lewis with rail saver pro

"I was so impressed with the service and the speed in which I received the product.  Awesome product, very easy to install, nice looking, aggressive design, futuristic, number 1 on quality vs cost"

  • Alex. Canet (France). RSPRO Full Red

"great product!!!! Easy to install, efficient and with a nice style !!"

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  •  Joan. Majorca (Spain). RSPRO Stripes (Black/White)

RailSaverPRO at Majorca

Joan Bonet with RailSaverPRO

" I mean, if it were not for the guards that you have developed I would still be getting holes in my SUP board. Besides that, having a variety of colors to choose to tune the board, helps alot. Actually, if I want to keep my board for a long time, and want to keep his value high, I'll have your railsavers on them. I'll use Rave Saver Pro"

  • Jeff. Washington (USA). RSPRO Flat Red

Starboard touring board with a Rail protection tape

Nicely protected rail at Starboard SUP board

 " The end result is really great looking and I like it a lot. It also is a DEAD match for my board color wise which really looks nice!! I think they actually improve the looks of an already handsome board!"

  • Jean-Claude. Tahiti (Polynesia). RSPRO several models

French Polynesia Rail Saver PRO

 " I have already installed the Rail Saver Pro on my board, the design is perfect, good quality, good protection, and give a nice look to my SUP. Thank you very much."

  • Nicolas. Les Chalets (France). RSPRO several models

Rail Saver PRO protection on red SUP board

 "a very good product, easy to install on the board. I have two boards, and now two pairs of railsaver protections, thanks!"

  •  Jean. Fouesnant (France). RSPRO Flat Red

"I've already installed the rail savers pro onto my board. It was simple and easy because we could stick, remove it for better ajustment and stick again. The red color of the rail saver fits exactely to my red Gong board. The protection is efficient against paddle hits. In conclusion, I recommend the rail saver pro"

  • Thomas. Switzerland. RSPRO Flat Black

"I use Railsaverpro for several months by now. I have three boards equiped from flatwater to wave use. The product is just working so well, it's still sticky on the board even after hard beach break roll overs, it's good protection on the board and not draging   too much water when paddling is on. For me the best solution at the time"

  • Dimitris. Athens (Greece). RSPRO Stripes (Black/White)

Black and white stripes rail protection on Fanatic race SUP

"I installed it to my 12.6 fanatic race and apart the protection it makes my board looks awesome. Thank you very much!"

  • Jeremy. California (USA). RSPRO Flat (Black)

"Rail Saver Pro is as great a product as advertised! It looks great on my board, it's easy to apply, and it protects as well as advertised! I was so impressed with the service and the speed in which I received the product. I will absolutely be getting it for every board I get in the future, as well as recommending it for all my friends."

  • Jeff. California (USA). RSPRO Stripes (Black/Blue)

Paddle Surf Hawaii with rail protectionrail protection on a PSH SUP board

"I have installed the Rail Saver Pro on my new Paddle Surf Hawaii 10’6” board and I surfed it all weekend at Doheny Beach which is the site of the Battle of the Paddle California. The Rail Saver Pro installs easily and looks great even after I hit it with my paddle more than a few times. Outstanding product!"

  • Marc. Saint Laurent (France). RSPRO Various models

Nice railsaver on the beachBlack and red stripes protection for SUP rails

"Hi, I have already install the Railsaver Pro on my board. Awesome product, very easy to install, nice looking, 1 week shipping. Thanks for the good job. Marc"

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  • Fabrizio. Rome (Italy). RSPRO Various models

Black and white rail saver on Fanatic Sup race

Fabrizio Gasbarro with Rail Saver PRO

"The product is very technical and style!
As soon as I applied over the edges of my board, I realized the quality of your product:
An attractive design, and perfectly cut for a perfect application to the board.
The quality of a high-grade material, which adorns the board and protects it from accidental impact of the paddle.
Very easy to install, with removable adhesive that allows a perfect trim on any board.
The quality you pay ... but the product worth the money!..."

  • Megan. Massachusetts (USA). RSPRO Tribal (Yellow/White)

Naish boards with Tribal rail protection

Triba rail band protection on Naish SUP board

"We installed the rail saver pro on our new naish boards and they are by far the most elegant solution to protecting your rails. They are tough easy to install and look great on the boards Thanks for such a great product . Happy paddling."

  • Arnaud. Leucate (France). RSPRO various custom models

Black and Grey protection on France

Several railsavers from RailSaverPRO

"Easy to stick. Super design.  Looks very nice.  We like it!!"

  • Jerome. Hendaye (France). RSPRO Full (White)

"Hello. It was very fast to receive the product, easy to install too. Thanks"

  • Serge. Ploemeur (France). RSPRO Full (White)

"Very good product. Easy to install. Glues very well. I recommend this product"

  • Yves-Marie. Dinan (France). RSPRO Full (Red)

Red rail saver "Your Rail Saver Pro is very easy to install and efficient against impacts, no matter with shippment..."

  • Max. Savona. Italy. RSPRO Full (White)

"Nice and fast shipping. The product is just arrived, and likes the packing box, very pretty and small, even if the pollution level would be much better if made with cardboard in this ecological times in which we all live ... but I understand that maybe in terms of image are affected .... as soon as you pick up the two strips from the box and you touch the roughed surface you immediately realize it will cope well the paddle blade impacts during cruising or surfing ... I opted for the white base color that matches my Naish Nalu 11.4. A small flaw I would mention is that I found them  little bit short for this board and I'd like a little more length, but ok ..."

  • Ruben. Mallorca. Spain. RSPRO Full / RSPRO Stripes (Various colors)

Custom railsaver for Kiteshop el Niño

"Once you see it, you realize it's a good product. Easy and quick to install, aggressive design, futuristic, number 1 on quality vs cost"

  • Colas. Cannes. France. RSPRO Full (White) + RSPRO Full (Red)

White railsaver from Rail Saver PRO

"I just installed them yesterday on a new superb board who I knew was prone to rail chipping, and was impressed by the product: pleasant "grainy" texture, seems quite hydrodynamic; stretches slightly so you can fit around any kind of shape (I even used some to make a nose cone for my board's pointy nose); really repositionable! I liked better the way I put it on the second rail, so I went back to the 1st one after some time and repositioned it without trouble; ample length: I actually used only half on my 7'10" and gave the rest to a friend; I really recommend this product: definitely high-tech and high quality".

  • Pedro. Majorca. Spain. RSPRO Stripes (Black/Green)

The very first rail saver sold

"Hi ... I placed the Railsaver and I must say you did an awesome product, easy to hold and the material adapts perfectly to the curvature of the board, even in a short board with a big curvature, as is my case. It is perfect, no bubbles or wrinkles. I am very pleased ...".


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