"Racing without RSPro's Paddle Grip last weekend really showed its value. Struggling with arm pump throughout the race was a harsh reminder of how essential the grip is for endurance and control. I won’t make that mistake again!"
Pepe Oltra


"Thank you so much for replacing the item. I really appreciate it. I love your products, they last long and are the best! Great customer support"


"I’ve got RSPro SUP rail guards on all four of my Sunova surfing SUPs. I started doing this based on the recommendation from my local Sunova rep for the first board I got, and since then it is a standard part of my setup for these boards. I can clearly tell that the rail guards have protected the rails, and I appreciate that I don’t have to worry about being gentle with the paddle when I’m catching waves. They really help protect the significant investment I have in these boards"
Jeff Schlueter


"Love your products by the way, my board and all my paddles have RSPro on them. It’s worth the money"


"Thank you for being quick to work on a resolution. I did not expect for you to reach out over the weekend. I hope the pads are a reflection of the people behind them"
Chris Coyne


"I love the Hexatraction and I've been using it on all my shortboards, and longboards, for several years now. I've been surfing epic waves with them and people ask me about them nearly everyday. I tell them how much I like them and how much they keep my car and other things clean and hassle-free. I truly believe in the product!"


"I am using your paddle grip, and paddle edge saver, and I'm very happy about them. I just installed the HexaTraction kit on my SUP board and am looking forward to testing it as soon as I can go barefoot again ;-) Thanks"


"Bonjour, Ce n'est pas le premier pad que je vous achète mais j'avais vraiment envie de me customiser une planche qui matcherait bien avec les pads en liège. Quelque chose de sobre mais classe. J'ai donc commandé un pad et un front pad. Délais de livraison correct. Je trouve le prix de l'ensemble un peu élevé par rapport au prix de la planche mais c'est un choix mais ça m'a fait réfléchir avant d'acheter. Pas de problème d'installation du pad. Par contre le front pas est moins simple à mettre car plus flexible. Il se déforme plus il faut donc être vigilant mais rien de trop compliqué si on a fait des repères au préalable. Je sais ravie du rendu."


"I have installed rs pro on my new board today. This is the 3rd board I have with rs pro rail tape and hexagons and is by far the best non slip or grip you can buy. Many thanks"


"I recently bought a sup rail saver and couple of HexaTraction grips for my son. Both of them were very easy to install. The transparent rail saver works nice for him since his sponsor needs the side logo to be clear for pictures. The hexa grips are used in two different paddles and completely transformed his grip. No more need for fuzzy tapes and paddle slipping when wet. Thanks for two great products! Packaging, shipping and shipping cost were 10/10. "
Nikos Konstantinou


"I ordered two paddle grips. My order was shipped in just a few hours! My order arrived in just 3 working days from Spain to Greece. The paddle grips do great job and they are really looking great. Excellent service, shipping, products!! I will definetely shop soon from rspro site! Keep on the great job! "
Giannis Kiriakakis


"😬 I was having: scratches along the side, on the tip and on the back of the wing foil board. These scratches made my board look old and ugly.

😩 And: I wasn’t able to find a suitable and long lasting solution.
😁 Found RSPro foil rail protection: good quality, strong, durable and suited perfectly for its purpose.
😘 Which made me: happy and relief from thinking of finding a solution.
😄 I feel: reborn, living joyfully, happiness, positive thoughts, I can show off my new board and I can resell it at a better price, if I’ll ever would want to.  
Since I applied your product, I never hand to think about the old problem again. 🙏"
Massimo Capone


"Unfortunately I haven't installed the last RSPro rail saver, simply because my new board hasn't arrived yet.
But I've been using your rail saver and hexa traction for many years, first because they were the first product that I have found on the web, second ... why looking somewhere else when the product is so good.
It's nice looking, super strong, easy to install, customer service at the top.
As you can see, I bought it again without having the board yet !!!
Once that things, in life, are easy, I don't think twice ... Thank you guys !!!"


"My new wax alternative experiment with RSPro HexaTraction? A resounding success. Hats off to @rspro_water. this is a major step forward"


"I installed my pads this weekend. I must say, I’m so glad of the result. As I care for the environment I wanted to build a directional kiteboard with natural products. It is a hollow wooden board, covered with glass fiber and eco epoxy resin. I wanted to continue in this direction, so that’s why I chose the cork RSPro pads. Next weekend I’ll test it. Next winter I’m gone build a smaller typical directional kiteboard. (this one is deviated from a surfboard but reinforced. Thanks fort he nice product!!! Also or the super service, ordering and delivery!"
Nicolas Van Coppernolle


"Seriously the RSPro rail tape has saved this board from some serious board and rail buckles!!!. Put it on every board."


"After riding a lot of boards that were not mine with wax - it's so good to get on your grip again - as it's so much easier to shuffle my feet around 🙌🙏"


"I won an rspro front and back traction was totally skeptical but main it rocks ... now I need to try other types . My advice: buy it. You won't be disappointed"


"I have found a very fast shipping, well packed and an excellent product. It is soft enough to bend easy and hard to handle many impacts. It glue as if there is no tomorrow and also gives you the chance to fix while applying. Rocker alignment for example. I did transpired while working on it. It was my first time. I have experience with adhesive products as patches for kite bladders, epoxy resin and fiberglass, etc. I love this product. "
Yael Lorenzo
"Just to let you know that the tape turned up yesterday - many thanks for getting it to me so quickly! I got it on the board this morning - looks great! See the attached photos! I appreciate your approach to sustainability - the squeegee is very clever! Thanks again! "
Dion Houghton
"Hello friends, I just wanted to say that I could not get more successful product from this, thank you very much"
"Buenas Carles, pues la verdad es que estoy muy contento con vuestros productos, mi primera experiencia fue a través del SUP con los protectores de cantos, de lo más resistente que he probado, el grip de remo es genial y muy efectivo, un día probé una tabla con el hexatraction, me gustó la sensación, el tacto y el buen agarre, tanto que en los softboards de mis hijas ya no contemplé otra opción a la hora darles el mejor agarre.
No son productos baratos, pero viendo el resultado y durabilidad a largo plazo creo que es siempre una buena compra. Por poner una mejora, no me gusta la plantilla que viene ahora, me parece genial el uso del cartón como el resto del packaging pero al poco de usarla se empapa, se hincha y acaba rompiendo por lo que los últimos hexágonos los pones a ojo, la de plástico te marcaba todo perfectamente de principio a fin, podríais hacerla en plástico reciclado por dar una alternativa sostenible.
Roberto Perez
"I am so happy with the latest products I bought. The front and new tail traction pads are so rad. The cork has loads of grip yet allows me to move my feet for certain maneuvers. I haven’t used a tail pad in years because they tore up my feet n boots n I could not move my rear foot over those raised diamond pads etc.
Not to mention the setup with black hexes in between the brown pads on my new FW Dominator 2 is sick"
Brad Mascott
"RSPro rail tape is the best. Have tried all rail tapes over the past 10 years and this is the only tape anyone should use. Been using it for years as I smack my rails hard and without it the rails crack eventually. I just installed a new Xtreme RSPro rail tape roll on my white infinity SUP and am sure it will give it an extra 10 years of use. If you look carefully you can see the rail saver pro installed on all 3 boards (they are so low profile that they are barely visible). The 2 blue starboards have had the RSPro for 5 years and not a scratch, ding or chip. Without them I would have smashed and scratched my rails with the paddle . The RSPro tape is invincibly strong and its worth every cent to protect your board and have them last for a life time and save you repairing your board rails. Just get it!"
Michael Klos
"Thanks for creating a great product. I used your product on my kiteboard - love it!!. Feels good to be wax less!"
Steve Salindeho
"My TJ Everyday and my Greedy Beaver look magnificent with the cork front deck grip tpads and the clear hexa grip. Goes so well with the woodtech finish.
Feels good to be wax less!"
Brian Roberts
"Solo quería informarte que me encanta el pad! Lo estoy probando estos días y es una pasada!!"
"I bought the Hexatraction white edition and I really got amazed!! I have other pad from another brand (the french company that sells material for so many sports) and it’s absolutely different from that!! RSPro is much thinner, you first think that’s going to be a bad thing, but it’s almost the best one! It does not increase your board weight so much, but the main thing is the material!!
You don’t slip over it in any part of your surfing, of course not when you’re surfing the wave, but not even when you’re paddling to the peak and coming over waves (in this moment, i slip with the other brands pad). You can keep your wetsuit clean more time and you’re helping to keep clean our seas ...The shipping time was so quick and as soon as I get a new surfboard, I’ll buy a new RSPro pad."
Javi Garrido
"Mahalo for the waxless combo. It is awesome. The Front Deck Grip is sick. Definitely a game changer for this summer. Light and enough grip. Neva goin back to wax. Wanna order one for my other board can’t wait! Mahalos🤙🏾"
"The cork hexagon traction is sensational. Definitely appreciate the extra traction under chest when paddling compared to my other boards with clear traction from other brands"
Nick Fed
"Sure pads have been around forever, but I never used them nor wanted to. When I saw your hex grip on instagram it brought a huge smile to my face and brought back those memories of... what if...
Now we have access to a product that works just as good as wax, is cost effective, is kinder to the environment, thin enough to not be uncomfortable, easy to apply and looks great.
The rspro customer experience is first rate. Speedy delivery, good communication and no hidden costs. Your instruction videos are super easy to follow. I now have 4 boards converted to rspro and will get the rest done in time. Goodbye wax.
I have told all my surf family about them and few needed too much convincing"
Paul de Nagy
"My goal was to be wax free and now I am! Thank you so much RSPro.
Today I'm using the Front Deck Grip for perfect grip for my front foot. It took me one wave to get used to it and now my foot sticks every time.
At first I had the HexaTraction both in front and back of the frontpad. I surf in Norway and that means, using gloves 80 % of the times I surf.
I realised that pattern on my gloves didn't combined the best with the HexaTraction, but otherwise booth shoes and wetsuit perfectly sticks to the HexaTraction. After fantastic service from RSPro crew I got to try out the HexaTraction in front with Front Deck Grip Hexa.
Fantastic grip, no need for wax and my board looks good!
And a bonus; I where able to transfere the HexaTration to my kitesurfboard instead. Still perfectly glued on. "
Helle  Løvseth
"Let me thank you once again for your amazing products and hi-end customer service!!! Very best"
"I’m a fan of a ton of different traction. I’m unabashedly slutty in how often I surf different types and different brands. That said, I love the cork feel the most next to wax. @rspro_water really nailed it with the cork hexes and the cork strips they sell. They add almost no weight to the board, are super thin and have an amazing grip without being too grippy. This is particularly important for me since I spend more than half the year surfing in boots"
"After using Hexatraction on all my boards for the last 3 years, I had the displeasure of trying a mates board that was waxed. Cemented the fact I'll never, ever go back to wax"
Mark Smith
"Officially a @rspro_water convert with their Hexatration current quiver fully changed over so that I have no Surfboard wax at all!! No waste going in to our oceans and I don't have to worry about remembering Surfboard Wax! #winning #savetheocean"
"I simply love the HexaTraction. Simple to instal and lasts a very long time! The grip is almost the same like on wax and my car seats are wax-free as well now 🤣🤙🏼"
"Tested for the first time today here at BSR in Waco, Texas (fresh water). Hexatraction worked super well on both boards. No wax needed.
I was nervous so I put a bar of wax in my boardshort pocket just in case. Didn’t need it. Traction felt perfect under my feet. After the first wave I forgot about the wax in my pocket and caught 20 waves in 60 minutes. Didn’t fall once.
I’m a believer! Thank you!"
"I bought HexaTraction about 3 years ago for the first time as I wanted to see the grain in my Firewire Wingnut log and heard it was pretty good. I now run this on my whole quiver! Most other grip rips you to pieces, this stuff is awesome! I am still running the original stuff on my log. No more sticky board bags either 👍  amazing stuff!"
"The Front Deck Grip goes amazing, all the people on the surf trip with wax up and down each session … and with rash on the rib cage … no problems for me. Never in my life had I caught so many waves as on this trip, and the Front Deck Grip has not failed me at any time, neither paddling back nor in the wave. Great"
"This is the 4th SUP that I equip with RSPro. Always satisfied with the fast delivery, the quality of the product and the easy set-up. This time, I mixed the rail savers with Hexatraction on the deck of my new F-One Papenoo SUP-Wind-Foil Board and the result looks great and clean, no more wax on the front of the board ! Thanks RSPro !"
"Received the products on time. Thank u very much. Put em on my board no problem. The hex traction works great. I’m very happy with it. It took a while to get use too. But when I did it is awesome. A great alternative to wax. Mahalo for a great product. Looking forward to ordering another one for my other board."
"I have just come back from ADVParc Snowdonia and tested all three boards out over 4 hours. I am soooo impressed with the results - I think the product is superb! I was worried a little that I wouldn't think it was as good as wax. This is not the case - I am super impressed with it. Well done on making a great product that is not messy and that keeps my boards looking good!"
Sasha Ducati
"So here I am 6 months later to tell you this stuff still rocks as much as it did the day it first went on my board. I am absolutely and truly converted to a wax-free surfing life"
"I use RSPro on all my boards. Boards aren't cheep, and over time you build a bond with that board, so why not do a little something to make it last and look good for a long time?"
Jimmy Baum
"Excellent, strong, well made, no glue around edges, stays clean. Important there is no water getting in even if there is a crack underneath"
"Not once did I wish for wax. In fact, I really loved the entire experience, from home to surf and back again. Not worrying about wax in the car was particularly enjoyable"
"Here's my new board with HexaTraction on it.. Awesome stuff. 2nd board I've covered with it. Great product. Recommended to friends who have also bought it getting really good at applying it too."
Jack Langedyk
"4th board in the quiver with HexaTraction from RSPro. Love this grip"
"Best Damn Rail Tape PERIOD!!! Accept no other! Application is easy, removal is easy and clean no residue, it doesn't fade, crack or peel! I have install their rail tape on every board I own! makes my rails damn near bullet proof! Oh...and the SHARK Print is AMAZING!!!"
"I'm using the HexaTraction now since about three years, in tropical and freezing water, whatever conditions, on a Perormance Hybrid, my ultimate Travel-weapon. Well, what should I say? I will never ever use anything else anymore! It's the best invention in surfing since a very long time! It still sticks on the board like on the very first day, looks still like new, has still perfekt grip. It'soft enough, not to kill your skin while paddling, but you never slip while surfing. You can go out in the waves for hours and it' still perfekt. No sandproblems, no Wax in the car, no melting in the sun. Just absolutely great! And, by the way, it looks cool and doesn't hide the Grafics of the board. Ehen I go surfing with mates, we grab our Boards, they start waxing, and I'm already out, catching some waves ; ) I'll now put it on two other boards, as I will definitly never use Wax again!. Thanks a lot for it!"
Gotz Schneider


" I have to admit I was a little hesitant about your guys traction. After this last run of overhead surf in California and my front foot not slipping once I’m now convinced. You guys make a great product"


"I recommend the @rspro_water front pads, super light, grippy and stylish"


"Do yourself a favor and get rid of wax by sticking the HexaTraction surf grip onto your board. It's the best surf wax alternative out there!. If you're worried about not having enough traction, add a traction pad like the eco-friendly Front Deck Grip"
Joe aka @TheSurfingExpert


"Shipping was a lot faster than I was expecting and it looks great on gloss black I gotta say, suprisingly grippy for how smooth they feel overall id give this a 10!"


"I wanna congratulate RSPro for this absolute amazing invention. After a long surf I'm happy and considering getting it to all my quiver ... the name is #HexaTraction, it will blow your mind"


"As a paddle surfer with a low level of proficiency, I needed rail tape that REALLY protected my board. Yours does a great job shielding my Jimmy Lewis and my starboard. Thank you for bomb proof rail tape. We needed it." 


"The traction was great, I love it! Works perfectly with boots or bare feet, plenty of grip! I think I'd really like cork hexagons and a tail pad as well, it would be great" Fergus Boughton


"I have read many reviews on rail protection and feel bad for all the people that have had to deal with other lower grade protectors. Luckily, I have ONLY used RSPro rail guards and found them to be the “ ultimate “ in rail protection"
Kenny Stojkovic


"Thank you for the info and the very good customer service. And thank you for being innovators in the surfboard traction field. Its about time for a alternative to traditional wax!".
Karlos Kortez


 "I like your Edge Saver Jumbo and this time it works great with all Edge Savers. Easy to install and no bubbles while sticking it. Doesn't it look great on the Supr race blade? Thank you for your Service and for sending a replacement delivery as there was an issue with the last delivery." 


 "I had a definite pattern of scraping the rails with my paddle shaft, so made sure my new, narrower 404 carbon was protected! I tried another brand, but it wrinkled in the heat. Decided to do the right thing and got a rail guard that sticks well and looks nice. In 2 months [with nearly daily abuse] the RSPro Rail Guard still looks new and has done it’s job well. Bonus 1: The texture makes it a little ‘grippy-er’ when hoisting it overhead - especially when the board is still a little wet. Bonus 2: Love the colour and design, which matches my SUP - and makes it a chick board ;)"