"Received the products on time. Thank u very much. Put em on my board no problem. The hex traction works great. I’m very happy with it. It took a while to get use too. But when I did it is awesome. A great alternative to wax. Mahalo for a great product. Looking forward to ordering another one for my other board."


"I have just come back from ADVParc Snowdonia and tested all three boards out over 4 hours. I am soooo impressed with the results - I think the product is superb! I was worried a little that I wouldn't think it was as good as wax. This is not the case - I am super impressed with it. Well done on making a great product that is not messy and that keeps my boards looking good!"
Sasha Ducati


"So here I am 6 months later to tell you this stuff still rocks as much as it did the day it first went on my board. I am absolutely and truly converted to a wax-free surfing life"


"I use RSPro on all my boards. Boards aren't cheep, and over time you build a bond with that board, so why not do a little something to make it last and look good for a long time?"
Jimmy Baum


"Excellent, strong, well made, no glue around edges, stays clean. Important there is no water getting in even if there is a crack underneath"


"Not once did I wish for wax. In fact, I really loved the entire experience, from home to surf and back again. Not worrying about wax in the car was particularly enjoyable"


"Here's my new board with HexaTraction on it.. Awesome stuff. 2nd board I've covered with it. Great product. Recommended to friends who have also bought it getting really good at applying it too."
Jack Langedyk


"4th board in the quiver with HexaTraction from RSPro. Love this grip"


"Best Damn Rail Tape PERIOD!!! Accept no other! Application is easy, removal is easy and clean no residue, it doesn't fade, crack or peel! I have install their rail tape on every board I own! makes my rails damn near bullet proof! Oh...and the SHARK Print is AMAZING!!!"


"I'm using the HexaTraction now since about three years, in tropical and freezing water, whatever conditions, on a Perormance Hybrid, my ultimate Travel-weapon. Well, what should I say? I will never ever use anything else anymore! It's the best invention in surfing since a very long time! It still sticks on the board like on the very first day, looks still like new, has still perfekt grip. It'soft enough, not to kill your skin while paddling, but you never slip while surfing. You can go out in the waves for hours and it' still perfekt. No sandproblems, no Wax in the car, no melting in the sun. Just absolutely great! And, by the way, it looks cool and doesn't hide the Grafics of the board. Ehen I go surfing with mates, we grab our Boards, they start waxing, and I'm already out, catching some waves ; ) I'll now put it on two other boards, as I will definitly never use Wax again!. Thanks a lot for it!"
Gotz Schneider


" I have to admit I was a little hesitant about your guys traction. After this last run of overhead surf in California and my front foot not slipping once I’m now convinced. You guys make a great product"


"I recommend the @rspro_water front pads, super light, grippy and stylish"


"Do yourself a favor and get rid of wax by sticking the HexaTraction surf grip onto your board. It's the best surf wax alternative out there!. If you're worried about not having enough traction, add a traction pad like the eco-friendly Front Deck Grip"
Joe aka @TheSurfingExpert


"Shipping was a lot faster than I was expecting and it looks great on gloss black I gotta say, suprisingly grippy for how smooth they feel overall id give this a 10!"


"I wanna congratulate RSPro for this absolute amazing invention. After a long surf I'm happy and considering getting it to all my quiver ... the name is #HexaTraction, it will blow your mind"


"As a paddle surfer with a low level of proficiency, I needed rail tape that REALLY protected my board. Yours does a great job shielding my Jimmy Lewis and my starboard. Thank you for bomb proof rail tape. We needed it." 


"The traction was great, I love it! Works perfectly with boots or bare feet, plenty of grip! I think I'd really like cork hexagons and a tail pad as well, it would be great" Fergus Boughton


"I have read many reviews on rail protection and feel bad for all the people that have had to deal with other lower grade protectors. Luckily, I have ONLY used RSPro rail guards and found them to be the “ ultimate “ in rail protection"
Kenny Stojkovic


"Thank you for the info and the very good customer service. And thank you for being innovators in the surfboard traction field. Its about time for a alternative to traditional wax!".
Karlos Kortez


 "I like your Edge Saver Jumbo and this time it works great with all Edge Savers. Easy to install and no bubbles while sticking it. Doesn't it look great on the Supr race blade? Thank you for your Service and for sending a replacement delivery as there was an issue with the last delivery." 


 "I had a definite pattern of scraping the rails with my paddle shaft, so made sure my new, narrower 404 carbon was protected! I tried another brand, but it wrinkled in the heat. Decided to do the right thing and got a rail guard that sticks well and looks nice. In 2 months [with nearly daily abuse] the RSPro Rail Guard still looks new and has done it’s job well. Bonus 1: The texture makes it a little ‘grippy-er’ when hoisting it overhead - especially when the board is still a little wet. Bonus 2: Love the colour and design, which matches my SUP - and makes it a chick board ;)"