RSPro Ambassadors get early access to new products, help us develop them and get free products. We only want some LOVE in exchange. We're #teamRSPro

Want to become an earlyvangelist of RSPro?. We're looking for ambassadors worldwide to help us spread our brand. So, if you're friend of your friends, you are actilve on the water and well known, and above all if you're active online, you're our ambassador. Send us a mail

Our ambassadors:


Joao Diniz, from Tavira, Portugal: 

Welcome to RSPro Joap Diniz

Federico Piccinaglia, from Savona, Italy:

Federico Piccinaglia dropping on a bomb in Italy

Joan Bonet, from Majorca:

Joan Bonet RSPro ambassador from Majorca

Martin Letourneur, from Brittany, France:

Martin Letourneur RSPro ambassador with the HexaTraction

Benoit Carpentier, from Brittany, France:

Benoit Carpentier, RSPro ambassador

Stecher Bros, from Munich, Germany:

Stecher Brothers RSPro ambassadors for Germany

Ugutz Karrera, from Zarautz:

Ugutz Karrera RSPro ambassador and team rider

Pepe Oltra, from Barcelona:

Pepe Oltra RSPro ambassador

Chris Clarke, from Victoria, Australia:

Chris Clarke on a big wave in Australia