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RSPro Ambassadors get early access to new products, help us develop them and get free products. We only want some LOVE in exchange. We're #teamRSPro

Want to become an earlyvangelist of RSPro?. We're looking for ambassadors worldwide to help us spread our brand. So, if you're friend of your friends, you are actilve on the water and well known, and above all if you're active online, you're our ambassador. Send us a mail


Fekru Jimenez, from Somo, Spain: 


Adam Amin, from Maui, USA: 


Shannon Stent, from Western Australia: 


Daniel Ferlin, from Port Sao Paulo, Brazil: 


Joan Bonet, from Majorca: 


Martin Letourneur, from Brittany, France:


Benoit Carpentier, from Brittany, France: 


Stecher Twins, from Munich, Germany: 


Ugutz Karrerafrom Zarautz: