Collection: Surf Protection

Because shit happens.
We understand how it feels noticing a ding with a small crack just when you're about to enjoy a quick session before work.
It's frustrating.
This is why we developed a series of products to protect your beloved board and to save your sessions with a temporary solution.
RSPro: "To S̶e̶r̶v̶e̶ Surf and Protect"
  • All RSPro™️ products are not only designed in Barcelona. They are manufactured, packaged and shipped from BCN

  • Safeguard your gear from hits and abrasions, keeping it looking new and preserving its value and appeal

  • All RSPro™️ products are designed for effortless DIY installation. Quick, intuitive, and no special tools needed

  • Crafted to be as thin and light as possible, RSPro™️ products deliver robust protection without the bulk