Surf RSPro Clear surf rail saver with packaging
Surf RSPro rail protection on white surfboard white background
Surf RSPro Clear surf rail saver with shop counter display
RSPro watermark on a white short surf board
Application of the Surf RSPro rail protection for surf boards
Surf short board laying on gravel protected with RSPro surf rail protection
Surfboard laying on gravel at parking lot protected with Surf RSPro
Surfboard laying on beach sand with Surf RSPro rail protection
Surf RSPro on the tip of a shortboard
Full rail view of the Surf RSPro on a short board
RSPro rail protection icons

Surf rail saver

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€30 EUR
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€30 EUR
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Rail protection for your surf board:

  • Protect your shortboard, funboard or longboard fragile rails, specially from out to the water scratches and impacts. Just surf!.
  • Keep your board fresh and safe. Higher board reselling value.
  • Technical looking, clear matt finish
  • High impact and abrasion resistance with minimum weight and no drag or slippage.
  • Optimized size for any board.
  • Super-easy installation.
  • Won't yellow over time. Will last longer than your board.
  • Design&manufacturing in Barcelona.


  • Clear matt, translucid, with small watermark RSPro logo at the center for a perfect match to any board colors.
  • 2 strips x 150cm(5’) x 3,2cm(1.25″), semi-rigid 200 microns PVC.
  • UV resistant and perfectly crystalline adhesive.

Check our FAQ for any doubts and RSPro installation page for application/removal recommendations, read customer testimonials, as well as our warranty policy. All orders can be processed via Paypal, the most secure online payment platform.

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