Collection: Foil rail protection

Protection for the rail of your foil board. From small Surf/Wing foil boards below 70  litres to big SUP/Wing foil boards.

"(I was having) scratches along the side, on the tip and on the back of the wing foil board which made my board look old and ugly. (I) wasn’t able to find a suitable and long lasting solution. (until I found RSPro foil rail protection:) good quality, strong, durable and suited perfectly for its purpose. (Now I'm) happy and relief from thinking of finding a solution. Reborn, living joyfully, happiness, positive thoughts, I can show off my new board and I can resell it at a better price, if I’ll ever would want to. Since I applied your product, I never hand to think about the old problem again. 🙏". Massimo Capone 

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  • All RSPro™️ products are not only designed in Barcelona. They are manufactured, packaged and shipped from BCN

  • Safeguard your gear from hits and abrasions, keeping it looking new and preserving its value and appeal

  • All RSPro™️ products are designed for effortless DIY installation. Quick, intuitive, and no special tools needed

  • Crafted to be as thin and light as possible, RSPro™️ products deliver robust protection without the bulk