Collection: HexaTraction™️

Elevate your grip needs with HexaTraction™. Skip waxing for time-saving convenience, enjoy dependable grip in all water temps, and leave behind the mess of traditional wax. HexaTraction is eco-friendly because it's designed to last.

"I love the Hexatraction and I've been using it on all boards for several years now. I've been surfing epic waves with them and people ask me about them nearly everyday. I tell them how much I like them and how much they keep my car and other things clean and hassle-free"
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  • All RSPro™️ products are not only designed in Barcelona. They are manufactured, packaged and shipped from BCN

  • All RSPro™️ products are designed for effortless DIY installation. Quick, intuitive, and no special tools needed

  • Crafted to be as thin and light as possible, RSPro™️ products deliver robust protection without the bulk