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RSPro waxless surfing products: performance, sustainability and innovation made in Barcelona. Forget about the mess, melted wax, dirty gear and contribute to a more sustainable planet.  #RSPro #HexaTraction #FrontGrip #HexaTail
"After riding a lot of boards that were not mine with wax - it's so good to get on your grip again - as it's so much easier to shuffle my feet around 🙌🙏". @zero_ego_board_reviews
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  • All RSPro™️ products are not only designed in Barcelona. They are manufactured, packaged and shipped from BCN

  • RSPro™️ uses eco-friendly materials for long-lasting, wax-free traction, supporting both your needs and the planet

  • All RSPro™️ products are designed for effortless DIY installation. Quick, intuitive, and no special tools needed

  • Crafted to be as thin and light as possible, RSPro™️ products deliver robust protection without the bulk