You would never do this, right? So don’t do it | RSPro

We wanted to create this video to make you aware of the use of petroleum derivatives in surfing.

You'd never drop gasoline on the ocean, right?. Don't do it.

Be aware of what you consume. Both for surfing and for the rest of your day to day life.

Avoid petrochemicals as much as you can.

We try to reduce the use of it when it's possible and the countereffects not negative.

We’re of course not 100% free of petrochemicals. Our HexaTraction it’s part plastic, a petrochemical, but designed to be used for years. Our cork tail pads have some EVA on them.

We’re not perfect. None of us are.

Our mission is to be more and more sustainable. Each year. Each day. And to help you doing the same.


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