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What RailSaverPRO stands for

Icons representing RailSaverPRO values

From now, you'll see more and more this icons. They represent graphically RailSaverPRO board rail protection values:

  1. Impact Resistant. Our lenticular PVC offers high impact resistant to both paddle bladde impacts and impact of the board on the ground.
  2. AntiScratch: Our material won't even notice the regular scratching from your carbon paddle blade. The same with your rail on the sand.
  3. Easy Installation: The lenticular pattern, allows for super-easy installation, because we know that applying big sticking materials can terrify some of you. We developed a fool-proof installation.
  4. Hydrodynamic: Yes, our rough material minimizes drag. We could even say it makes you faster ... but we won't.
  5. Design, development AND manufacture in Barcelona: It's cool to design in a cool city, but we also develop and manufacture here. Beat that!!!
  6. Waterproof: you can even use our rail savers to cover damaged areas in your board.