HexaTraction: Clear, translucent to show your board colors

Fifth post explaining one by one the multiple benefits, and some drawbacks of the HexaTraction RSPro® board grip&traction.

On this one "Clear, translucent to show your board colors"

 HexaTraction clear translucent to show your board colors

Wax is sort of clear and translucent. At least when it's fresh and clean. Way different when it's dirty.

Pads cover completely your board graphics, logos and art.

All in all, we had another pre-requisite when designing and developing the HexaTraction RSPro® board grip&traction: it should be clear, it should be translucent, and you should be able to see your board graphics and color.

And we made it.

Be proud of your board. Don not hide it.

Main benefits of the HexaTraction RSPro board grip and traction


Added Benefits:

  • Don't lose time waxing. Go to the water. 


  • Forget about strawberry, banana or coconut scent. Pads protect better the board deck from heel dents. Bigger upfront investment on surfboards. No pro-riders are using it (for the moment).


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