FAQs about HexaTraction: durability, grip while paddling, water temperature and more

Here you have the most frequently asked questions about one of RSPro alternatives to surf wax: HexaTraction, the OG clear surf grip. 

How long does HexaTraction lasts?

Durability of RSPro's HexaTraction can vary a lot from user to user. It depends on the conditions, cleaning after use, type of use, water hardness, frequency, etc.

For most users it should last longer than 1 year, for most even 2 years and the good thing is that once you feel that an area is losing traction, you can just replace the hexagons in that area.

Installing a RSPro HexaTraction hexagon

Why HexaTraction instead of surf wax?

Initially I was searching for something that would keep my boards looking good rather than dirty wax. Now I use HexaTraction for performance as well as looks because I find that I can pick my feet up and move them around much easier, yet the grip is just as good as wax when you turn it hard - with or without booties

What if I’m slipping while seating or paddling on the chest?

HexaTraction is "dry" grip. It's not sticky as wax is, so sometimes when there's no pressure applied on with some wetsuits, you may feel slippage while seating waiting for waves or why paddling on the chest.

If this happens to you, put a line of wax where the thighs go when sitting and where you grip your hands for duck diving. Literally just one line that you can't physically see and which you can leave for months.

I feel it is just as good as wax on turns but it’s also easier to shuffle your feet around the deck. It does not feel as grippy when lying on the board and paddling out. I don’t notice it anymore but it does feel odd to some people and I do remember it feeling odd to me as well in the beginning, but don’t notice it at all now. If you enjoy your board/s looking fresh and new then consider the Hexatraction

Surfer paddling

Does HexaTraction works on softboards?

We are the only brand that I know that can recommend using HexaTraction on softboards. Our glue is that good.

The thing with softboards is that they're porous and that they use release agents on the production process. Those release agents are the worst enemy of glues. So make sure you clean the surface with alcohol several times before applying.

Does HexaTraction works on cold water?

Yes it does. Hexatraction is independent of water temperature. It's a "dry" kind of grip unlike wax, which is sticky and thus depends on water temperarture.

RSPro HexaTraction on cold water

How do I clean HexaTraction?

Rinse after each session with fresh water to avoid salt adhered to the surface. Salt is highly corrosive. Apart from that if you need to clean a stain, apply fresh water with some soap and you can also apply pressure water. But be gentle. You can damage not only the HexaTraction, but your board. 

Do I need a rash guard or wetsuit?

We can’t recommend using HexaTraction on the bare chest. We know some customers do, but it’s not what it was designed for. We recommend a rashguard or wetsuit.

I need it, I can't surf bare chested with the HexaTraction, but back when I used wax almost a decade ago the same thing happened to me. Surf wax gives me rash. And EVA pads tore my skin apart.

A minority may experience chafing on the inner thighs, knees, and even hands. It's rare, very, very unusual, but we are all different with different body characteristics, skin sensitivity, and surfing ability and experience. In the event that it happens to you, don't worry, your body probably needs to get used to it. It's like when you wear new shoes and it bothers you. In the meantime you can use a line, just a line of wax where you get a rash.


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