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FAQs about RSPro cork traction: colour, grip, thickness, how to clean and more

We complied the most frequently asked questions about one of RSPro alternatives to surf wax: cork traction.

Let our cat answer all your questions:

The RSPro cat answers all your questions about cork

Why the brown colour?

The colour is natural, without colourants. This means from product to product and even from piece to piece it can slightly change.

Is the grip same/similar to an EVA pad?

Feels so good. The cork really does feel very grippy underfoot, but without that overly locked in feeling you sometimes get with foam pads.

Why so thin?

We wanted to make it as thin as possible without compromising installation.

By making it thin, you can feel the board better under your feet. The level of board feeling is between surf wax and a typical eva pad. Much closer to surf wax feeling.

RSPro Front Grip II traction

Is it abrasive? Do I need to wear a rashguard or wetsuit?

The surface is very soft. Softer than pure cork, because it has more than cork in it and this is one of the reasons we went thin (1mm). So the answer is yes. You can surf on your bare chest with it.

How can I clean it?

You can clean it unless it gets dirty with oil. If you get it dirty with oil, you can't recover it.

Otherwise clean with fresh water.

What are they made of?

RSPro cork traction is made of cork plus some other stuff we can't disclose to add all the benefits we wanted and to become a real alternative to surf wax and eva pads.

A longboard full of RSPro cork hexagons

What if I’m noticing a decrease in grip with time?

Dip a sponge or rag into warm water with dish soap and wring it out. Use the sponge or rag to gently wash the surface of the cork grip.

You can also use a hard sponge like Magic Eraser.

Works on softboards?

Nope. We can't recommend it. The thing with softboards is that they're porous and that they use release agents on the production process. Those release agents are the worst enemy of glues. And because cork is alo porous we can’t recommend it on softs.

Sorry for that.

RSPro Hexa Tail Wide on the pool