HexaTraction Yellow Fluor: The Future is Bright

The retro movement is in full effect. 80's surfing look is cool again. We are that kind of people who believe that the future is bright (no pun intended). So we decided to go full yellow fluor for a new edition of the RSPro's HexaTraction:

HexaTraction by RSPro yellow fluor edition on dirty floor

RSPro's HexaTraction is our proposition to substitute surf wax and heavy, thick and contaminating EVA pads. We don't love wax melting, we don't love dirty boards, we don't love wax everywhere. We wanted to avoid the mess. 

close look a the yellow fluor hexagons on this HexaTraction edition

And the newest HexaTraction edition is bright ☀️:

HexaTraction yellow fluor on a metallic floor

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