10 Surfer essentials for summer 2019 by The Surfing Expert

Summer is coming, which means more time to surf and travel.

The influencer, and surfer,  @Thesurfingexpert  made a list with the essentials that you could not miss out this season.

The list contains those daily products that a surfer needs: sunglasses, fins, grips, shorts... But that's not new or astonishing at all. 

So, what's new in here? The answer is clear: sustainability, eco-friendly and recycled materials. 

At RSPro believe that a more sustainable lifestyle it's possible, and we are not alone. Checking the essentials, we find in number #1 a line of sunglasses made from 100% recycled fishing nets, in number #5 a pair of shorts made from 11 plastic bottles, in number #9 fins made of recycled fishing nets and the last but not the least, in number #10 we find Hexatracction Grip and the Front Deck Grip, the world's most plant-friendly front foot grip. 

Will you be part of the change? 


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