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Save your board in style is here to save your board in style. is a rail saver for your Stand Up Paddle board that comes in two pieces of semi-rigid PVC, with nice designs and color combinations to fit the style of your board (or super clear one). High-tech and design for your board.

Paddle blades are hydrodynamically designed to be as efficient as possible and you want to keep their efficiency. When by accident the paddle blade impacts the rail of your board, it can be easily damaged. You have three options: Try to forget about you new board being chipped, protect you paddle blade thus losing a great amount of efficiency or as we view it, protect your board with a rail saver, and to do it professionally and in style, do it with

Typical paint chip at a SUP board rail The classical damm chip at the rail of your Stand Up Paddle Board

We tested lots of prototypes and ended with this approximate measure as the optimum for any kind of paddler and board: 2 x 191cm(6'3") x 6,3cm(2"1/2). Anyway, and in parallel with the continuous development of our sport, we're launching a new railsaver for short SUP boards.

Our rail saver are made from a semi-rigid 380 mi PVC, with a lenticular pattern surface that is highly resistant to impact and abrasion. It has a good ability to adapt to simple curves and allows repositioning, thus facilitating placement.

The lenticular pattern allows to reduce thickness to the minimum without affecting impact resistance, and this reduced thickness together with a rough surface allows for unnoticeable drag.

Rail Saver PRO lenticular pattern



High quality rail savers

Thin profile of Rail Saver PRO

Want to keep as high as possible the reselling value of your Stand Up Paddle board? Have a look at used boards with beaten and chipped rails. What would be the value of this board compared with another one with brand new rails?. Save your board and do it in style.

And we offer stylish designs and color combinations.