HexaTraction: Light, thin and doesn't absorb water

Second post explaining one by one the multiple benefits, and some drawbacks of the HexaTraction RSPro® board grip&traction.

On this one "Light, thin and doesn't absorb water".

Hexatraction light thin and does not absorb water

The net weight of a full kit of HexaTraction RSPro® is about 115 grams, 4 ounces. The same as medium tomato, a small box of paperclips and a dinner fork or teaspoon.

Does it weight less than a layer of your preferred wax, probably not. The weight of a correctly applied layer of wax should be more or less the same. 

Does it weight less than a front foot surf pad? Hell Yes!!!. Pads are comfy (well, some of them), but they weigh a lot. Not to mention the standard ones that soak water and end up weighing a ton.

But the application of HexaTraction RSPro® with the biggest weight saving is SUP boards. Having a layer of HexaTraction instead of a pad will save you valuable grams, even kilograms!!!. Imagine the weight reduction potential on a SUP high performance race board.

HexaTraction RSPro® is also thin, really thin, so you never stumble like on a thin pad.

Main benefits of the HexaTraction RSPro board grip and traction


Added Benefits:

  • Don't lose time waxing. Go to the water.


  • Forget about strawberry, banana or coconut scent. Pads protect better the board deck from impacts. Bigger upfront investment on surfboards. No pro-riders is using it (for the moment).



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