The Stecher Twins: The passion to surf

The Stecher brothers are surfing fanatics. Surfing and SUP surfing enthusiasts. Water lovers.

I'm also a passionate surfer, and probably you also are too if you're reading this. What makes them stand above the crowd then?. They live in Munich, very far away from the ocean, very far away from nature-made waves. So, have a read and enjoy their photos and videos:  

The Stecher Twins surfing in the river

The Stecher Twins and the experience from two land-locked surf addicts

"Everything is connected to the sea – we are all coming back from where we are from. The human body is 70-90% out of water so sooner or later we have to refill our body water reservoire.

For the most of us Surfers a daily surfing session in the sea is essential. Before or after the work doesn´t matter the main thing is to be in the water! But what if you are land-locked and surfing is your passion? 

The Stecher Twins SUP surfing in the river

For the German Stecher Twins River Surfing and SUP is the way of choice to follow that passion on a land-locked way. Surfing in the open Ocean is just possible in holiday twice a year!

"The best way to improve our surfing is on a standing river wave!“ so Manuel Stecher „...standing on the board, accelerate it, and slow it down again with a powerful turn. All that comes so close to the real surf that you can´t feel any big differences to the surf in the ocean just the spot is something different.

The Stecher Twins surfing in the river

When the rivers are not working or we don´t want to drive that far we just go paddling in one of the rivers or a lake at our surrounding homeland. And luckily we have plenty of rivers and lakes combined with a beautiful scenery of hills and snow covered mountains.

We don´t want to be daydreamers! Sure we are dreaming of real waves too but we love our country and we are just trying to make the most fun out of what we have here at home!

The Stecher Twins happy surfing in the river

Surfing is our top kind of sport! The elegance and the flow combined with the power of nature.

At least at one point riversurfing in a big city like munich is similar to the surfing in the ocean: It can get pretty crowded!“ Manuel is laughing out loud! Follow the Stecher Twins on their adventures on Facebook or on"

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