Why you need rail protection on your stand up paddle board

It would be weird to write an article ourselves about why you need to use rail saver on your SUP board: When RSPro founder started SUPing he was frustrated about the rails of his new SUP board to be chipped, so he developed a solution for it. Read more about our beginnings on 2010.

The chip that originated RSPro rail savers

So we asked why to people like you:

"I had a definite pattern of scraping the rails with my paddle shaft, so made sure my new, narrower 404 carbon was protected!". Some of you more than others, but all SUPers scrap the rail of their board with the paddle shaft, or even more commonly with the edge of the paddle blade. 

"I have been hit so many times by kayaks on the river and yet there has been no scratches or marks on my board". You're not alone in the water. Luckily. You can hit o you can be hit by others boards, or as in the case of this customer by a kayak, so you want to be sure it does not leave a nasty mark on your lovely board.

Downwinders are a source of gliding pleasure but a danger to your rails

"Didn't know what to do cover all that marks ...". It's better to prevent than cure, but if it's never too late. Have a paddle surf board full of marks?. Use a coloured rail saver to cover them, protect from future damage and look cool. More on this: "The RSPro rail saver is now protecting and hiding my repaired rails. I was so impressed with the product, that when I purchased a new board, I waited to use it until I received and installed RSPro"

"I paddle these boards for between 1 and 3 hours per day in everything from screaming downwind runs to crowded course racing where boards get banged all the time". If you can hit your rail paddling alone, imagine on the adrenaline rush of a race or downwind with dozens of other avid paddlers racing for your place!!!.

Racing SUP board is hard on your rails. Protect them

"Saves your valuable investment from unwanted marks and damage!. Too easy, no brainer". You invested a nice amount of your hard earned money on your board. Why not investing a 2% more to keep it as fresh as the first day, and to keep the reselling value as high as possible. High return on investment = Good investment. 

"I come in from a long paddle, tired and need a moment rest before to hoist my large board up onto my truck racks. Whether I'm standing on gravel or asphalt, I'm confident to prop my board on its side against my leg, feeling secure that my rails won't receive one scratch". Oh truck and car racks ... how many scratches there, specially when you're tired after a surf session or a long paddle. And what about standing the board on its side on gravel or asphalt: painful if you don't use rail protection.

"A friend was helping me and dropped my board thank God it landed on the rail tape ( no dings or scratches )". Friends ...

A damaged rail is an ugly and ineffective rail


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