Edge Saver RSPro Jumbo launch

We launched the Edge Saver RSPro one year ago. After analysing damaged paddles, we sized it to cover  to most vulnerable area of the paddle, but some of you asked for a longer version, for an Edge Saver that would cover the full blade, from the neck.

RSPro listened, RSPro answered: Edge Saver RSPro Jumbo is here.

Edge Saver Jumbo White in the beach

  • Jumbo size to cover the full paddle blade edge. From neck to neck. 
  • Same level of protection from scratches and nicks. Only longer edge area covered. The best impact and abrasion resistance with minimum weight and minimum drag. Only 300 microns thick.
  • As with the standard sized Edge Saver, a pack of 2 RSPro Edge Savers. So, you can protect 2 paddle blades. Perfect for kayak paddles, for protecting 2 SUP paddles or as a spare.
  • Colourful at the edge and transparent at the blade. But only in white color. No fluor options for the Jumbo version.
  • Super-easy installation with pre-cuts and engineered glue that allows repositioning while installing.
  • Top-notch quality made in Barcelona.

RSPro Edge Saver White Jumbo in the beach

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