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Surf RSPro rail protection for surf boards launch

Short surf board laying on the beach over gravel

Surfboards are fragile and delicate, and are easily damaged, specially out of the water and during transport: on the parking lot, standing on gravel or asphalt, storing at home or traveling. This is why our customers asked for a Surf RSPro to protect shortboards, fun boards, or longboards rails from scratches and minor impacts while waterproofing the rail at the same time.

After several trial and error, RSPro is launching a specific rail protection for surf boards. Same high quality, technology and manufacturing process as big brother, SUP board rail savers. Just on a thinner, narrower and shorter version, with a technical and cool looking matt finish

Clear matt Surf RSPro rail protection for Surf boards

Developed with the premise of offering premium look, high protection and no drag during surfing or slippage when duck diving

Save your board in style. High-tech and design for your surf board, made in Barcelona.

Close view on the nose of a surf shortboard protected with the Surf RSPro

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