3 under 60: A Holidays Gift Guide for SUP Surfers

What a SUP surfing passionate would love as a Gift?. She/he already had one (or two) paddlesurfing boards and paddles, and know what they're still in perfect condition. In fact I think she/he is about to get a new one. 


Difficult to find a good Holidays gift right?. Nope, we have you covered with 3 great ideas under 60:


HexaTraction board grip
HexaTraction board grip&traction
Innovative, clear and light traction alternative to wax and pads
58EUR / 69USD / 51GBP / 90AUD
Perfect for SUP surfers that want to try something new, want to get rid of the mess of wax and the weight of EVA pads
Tatau SUP rail saver
The leading SUP rail tape in the market with a tattoo pattern design
50EUR / 59USD / 44GBP / 78AUD
Perfect for keeping the SUP surf board in perfect condition and cool while keeping a higher reselling value
Paddle Grip Hexa
The lightest paddle grip in the market
19EUR / 22USD / 16GBP / 29AUD
Get a grip avoiding wax, tennis tape and other messy odd jobs


Those are just 3 ideas, you can browse the full SUP rail saver collectionpaddle accessories and gear.


Happy holidays
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