Defend the Oceans. 3 ways to defend the ocean

At RSPro we're very happy to support the campaign to defend the Oceans.

Defend the Ocean Initiative

Oceans are the source of life: they produce most of the oxygen, they regulate climate and they're the biggest ecosystem.

But our waste floods the oceans: 100 millions tons of waste are floating in the oceans, forming 5 huge garbage patches, one at each oceanic gyre, killing 1 million seabirds each year.

10 items most commonly found on the beach: 75% are plastics, most of them single use items. Only packaging is recycled.

How does our waste get into the ocean?: 80% from inland, 20% from ocean-based source, and a small % in abandoned in the coastline.

So it's up to you, to me, to the person next to you to defend the ocean. How?

1. Reduce your waste: Avoid disposable plastic items. Go shopping with your own bag. Use refillable bottles. Avoid cosmetics, toothpaste or laundry detergents. Avoid aggressive cleaning products and unnecessary softeners. 

2. Put your waste in the right place: Avoid throwing non-biodegradable items in the WC (cotton swabs, butts, wet wipes ...). Sewers are not a dumpster and connect with the ocean. Always recycle whenever is possible. 

3. Be active defending your beach: Collaborate with local associations. Report problems at your beach to

Waste abandoned on the beach

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