Discover RSPro Products Tailored for Your Favorite Watersport

Navigating through an extensive catalog of watersport products can be overwhelming, especially for those new to the RSPro family. That's why we've introduced a new "Shop by Watersports" menu on our website, making it easier than ever to find the perfect gear for your favorite watersport. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at this new feature, guiding you through the different categories and products we offer for each sport.

And as always, do not hesitate to contact us if you don’t feel represented and want to propose a new category.

Shop by Watersports Categories:

1. Surfing:

At RSPro, we provide a wide range of products designed specifically for surfers: from performance shortboarders to stylish longboarders and thorough twinfin lovers.

From board protection to wax alternatives, find everything you need to enhance your surfing experience. Our surfing essentials collection includes HexaTraction, cork Front Grips, cork Tail Pads, and Rail Protection to keep your board safe and provide a reliable grip.

RSPro surfing essentials products

Explore our surfing essentials collection here

2. SUP Surfing:

Stand-up paddleboarding meets wave riding in SUP surfing. In fact this is the category that originated RSPro back in the end of 2010.

We offer a selection of high-quality gear to help you excel in this exciting watersport. Our SUP surfing collection features tailored Rail Protection for small SUP surf boards, paddle essentials, HexaTraction, cork Front Grip, and cork Tail Pads designed for SUP surfboards, ensuring maximum performance and protection.

RSPro SUP surfing collection products

Discover our SUP surfing collection here.

3. SUP Racing/Touring:

For those who love SUP racing and touring, the big boards, RSPro has a collection of products designed to improve your performance and comfort on the water.

Our SUP racing and touring essentials include Paddle Grip with HexaTraction technology, Paddle Edge protection and Rail Protection, providing you with better grip, efficient paddle strokes, and board protection during your adventures.

RSPr SUP racing and touring essentials products

Check out our SUP racing and touring essentials here.

4. Foil Boarding:

Foil boarding is quickly gaining popularity, and RSPro is here to support your foiling adventures just a few centimeters above the sea level ;-).

Our foil boarding essentials collection includes Board Protection, HexaTraction, cork Front Grip, cork Tail Pads, and Rail Protection. These products will help protect your foil board and enhance your ride with better grip and control.

RSPro collection of products for foilboarding

Browse our foil boarding essentials here.

5. Wakesurfing:

Enjoy the thrill of wakesurfing with our range of gear tailored to this exciting watersport.

Our wakesurfing collection features alternatives to surf wax like HexaTraction, cork Front Grip and cork Tail Pads, because you know the mess and dirt about surf wax and boats. Also Board Protection designed to enhance your wakesurfing experience, providing reliable board protection in various conditions.

RSPro wakesurfing collection of products

Explore our wakesurfing collection here.

6. Sailing:

Last but not least, RSPro offers products that cater to sailing enthusiasts as well.

Our HexaTraction is perfect for improving grip on your sailboat, eliminating the need for thick and heavy eva pads or other gimmicks to reduce the risk of slipping.

It's easy to apply, lightweight, and highly durable, making it an excellent choice for sailors looking to enhance their grip on deck.

RSPro sailing solutions products

Learn more about our sailing solutions here.


The new "Shop by Watersports" menu on the RSPro website is designed to help you easily discover products tailored to your favorite watersport. Whether you're into surfing, SUP, foil boarding, wakesurfing, or sailing, RSPro has the gear you need to elevate your experience on the water. Check out our collections today, and be sure to join the RSPro community for more tips, inspiration, and premium watersport accessories. Happy riding!

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