FAQ's about SUP rail protection

Why do I need to protect a SUP board rail?

SUP rails get a lot of abuse. Mainly from your paddle blade edge hitting it while paddling but also when laying the board on its rail on the floor or when loading and unloading the board from your car before and after a session.

This can happen: 

Chipped SUP board rail


SUP paddles are mostly made of carbon fibre which is an awesome material with incredible properties, one of them having a hard surface. This is good for the paddle blade durability, but when it hits your rail while paddling it easily marks, scratches or even chips the rail of your SUP board. 

Which are the benefits of protection of a SUP board rail?

Keeping the rail of your SUP board free from marks, scratches, chips or even dings will make you feel better and your board to look fresh and ready.

RSPro Tatau sup rail saver model

It will also keep a higher reselling value of your board when you want to change it, upgrade it or simply get rid of it.

Which RSPro SUP rail protection size to choose?

We have three sizes: 
  1. Small size. 2 stripes x 150cm(5') x 5cm(2"). Recommended for SUP surf boards below 8’. On this size we have the Xtreme model. 
  2. Standard size. 2 strips x 191cm(6’3″) x 6,3cm(2″1/2). Recommended for most SUP boards between 8’ and 11’. On this size we have several options.
  3. Big size. 2 strips x 210cm(6’11″) x 8,9cm(3″1/2). Recommended for the big boards above 11’. On this size we have the Jumbo model.
SUP surfing

Why the lenticular pattern surface?

The RSPro SUP rail protection has what we called a lenticular pattern. It helps in reducing the weight while keeping the same protection characteristics and at the same time it helps in easing installation. 

Close look RSPro clear SUP rail saver


The lenticular patterns allows for better flexibility and adaptability to difficult curves such in areas of the rail closer to the nose and the tail where a SUP board has difficult curves in three different dimensions. 

How long can I expect the RSPro SUP protection to last?

A lot.

We’re proud to say that our SUP rail savers can last longer than your board. 

Do RSPro SUP rail savers work on inflatables?

No, for the actual use of an inflatable SUP board. 

It’s a very frequent question. We’re not into inflatables, but as many of you asked we tested and they work if the board will always be inflated, but if you plan to deflate, inflate, re-inflate, and fold your inflatable. Which is the logical thing to do, nothing will resist that.  

How to cover already chipped rails?

From the very beginning RSPro SUP rail savers were designed to keep your board fresh and its reselling value as high as possible yet at the same time we designed options for those who already have marks, chips or scratches on their board rails and want to cover them. 

If it’s your case, we can offer the Stripes model  in white, black, red or yellow. They will protect your board and cover your already damaged rails. 

How to remove the rail savers?

Our glue is strong to guarantee they stay put forever, but if you need to remove them for a repair or just want to update for another design or pattern we advice to apply some heat with a hairdryer or heatgun to soft the adhesive and to make it easier to remove.

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