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Front Deck Grip steals Surfd heart

As they say in his review "we fell in love with the simply named Front Deck Grip".

Surfd questions why we're still using wax on the twenty-one century, and as they explain "wax is so ingrained into surfing culture that many of us can't imagine living without it." But we know that's not true at all. We can live without it and we do it, we even perform better. 

"Not once did I wish for wax. In fact, I really loved the entire experience, from home to surf and back again. Not worrying about wax in the car was particularly enjoyable". 

And what they appreciate the most was, in fact, sustainability.  Our Front Deck Grip its made with cork which means it is completely recyclable and also means reducing environmental impact, especially on sea pollution. Most surf wax is manufactured using paraffin and petroleum jelly - both oil derivates with dubious health, safety, and environmental impact. 

We do our best every single day to accomplish our mission: embrace the waxless surfing revolution.