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HexaTraction for Halloween 🎃

You know that one of the main benefits of using HexaTraction alternative to surf wax and to eva pads is that it won't cover your board graphics and colors. 

Imagine you build your dream custom board and that you even add rad custom graphics.

Would you use wax that will get dirty and ruin your board look?. Nope

Would you use an eva pad to cover all the nice custom graphics?. Nope

What do you do? You HexaTraction your board 🤘🏼

This is exactly what happened to Luis Laferriere with his custom SUP surf board. Enjoy the gallery:

Close look at Hexa Traction on a SUP surf board

Close look at the skull graphics with HexaTraction alternative to wax

Full SUP surf board custom with Hexa Traction

Laferriere custom SUP surf board with Hexa Traction on a chappel

Clear RSPro rail saver on a custom SUP surf board