Introducing the Ultimate Longboard Traction Solution: HexaTraction

Surfing is a sport that requires the perfect balance of style and performance, and the choice of surfboard traction plays a crucial role in achieving that balance.

Traditional wax can provide the necessary grip and traction, but it can also leave the board looking dirty and stained after a few sessions. Waxing your board can be time-consuming and messy, and the residues often end up in the sand and water, contaminating the environment. That's where HexaTraction comes in.

HexaTraction is a clear and durable alternative to traditional wax that not only provides grip and traction but also preserves the appearance of your board.

Our HexaTraction technology is a more eco-friendly solution that will keep your board looking like new, no matter how much you surf. Yes, I hear you, HexaTraction is plastic, true, but long duration plastic. 

We are proud to present this stunning custom Bugarski longboard with HexaTraction. The board's sleek blue and gold design, combined with the clear hexagons provide an exceptional surf experience ending with an elegant and clean look, while providing an improved grip and traction:


Imagine covering that beauty with surf wax. Now imagine it after 4 or 5 sessions with dirty wax all over it. Now imagine it after 20 sessions 😫… now erase that image from your brain and relax back 😌

Take a look at these photos of the board with HexaTraction installed:

Longboard with Clear HexaTraction installed


The clear HexaTraction is barely visible, and it preserves the board's design. The unique hexagonal pattern provides an improved grip and traction, without any need for traditional wax. This makes the HexaTraction the perfect longboard traction pad.

Longboard surfboard with clear HexaTraction alternative to surf wax

One of the main benefits of HexaTraction is that it is temperature independent. Unlike traditional wax, which can lose its grip properties if the water is too warm or too cold, HexaTraction maintains its grip and traction in all water temperatures. This makes it a reliable option for surfers who want to be able to surf in any condition.

It's also lightweight, thin, and doesn't absorb water. This means it won't add any extra weight or bulk to your board, and it won't lose its grip or traction as it gets wet. It also eliminates the hassle of having to reapply wax after each session, saving you time and effort.

Close look at Clear HexaTraction


Another key benefit is that it leaves no melting, no hassle, no residues, no contamination. You don't have to worry about the mess and environmental impact of traditional wax. You can simply install it and go surf. The HexaTraction is also clear, translucent, so it doesn't cover your board graphics, it will not alter the design of your board.

HexaTraction is designed and manufactured in Barcelona by RSPro, with the highest automotive-grade quality standards, to ensure the best performance and durability. With HexaTraction, you can enjoy the surf without losing time waxing your board, instead, you can spend more time on the water, enjoying the waves.

In conclusion, HexaTraction is the perfect solution for surfers who want to improve their grip and traction, while also preserving the appearance of their board. It is eco-friendly, temperature independent, lightweight, easy to install, and it leaves no mess or contamination. 

HexaTraction is available for all types of surfboards, longboards, shortboards, and even stand up paddle boards or wakesurf boards. Enjoy the water and your board with HexaTraction. Happy surfing!

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