Flama Surfboards and RSPro team up for stunning photosession

Barcelona-based Flama Surfboards and global brand RSPro recently teamed up for a stunning photosession that showcases the beauty of Flama's wooden surfboards and the performance of RSPro's innovative alternative to traditional surf wax and EVA pads.

Flama Surfboards, a local shaper known for their unique and sustainable wooden surfboards, teamed up with RSPro, a leading manufacturer of cork front and tail pads, to create a one-of-a-kind surfboard that combines the natural aesthetic of wood with the enhanced grip and comfort of cork.

The photos from the shoot are truly beautiful, with the wooden surfboard and cork pads taken the main character spot inside Flama's shape room and storefront. The combination of Flama's handcrafted wooden boards and RSPro's eco-friendly cork pads is a perfect example of how companies can work together to create products that are both beautiful and functional.

Not only do the cork pads add an extra level of grip and comfort, they are also more sustainable than traditional surf wax and EVA pads. Cork is a renewable resource that is biodegradable and doesn't harm the environment when it's discarded.

The partnership between Flama Surfboards and RSPro is a great example of how two companies with a passion for the ocean and a commitment to sustainability can come together to create something truly special. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

Flama's motto is: Natural Surfing Evolution and we cannot be more aligned with that.


Flama Surfboard equipped with RSPro cork traction on a sofa


Surfing is seen as a progressive sport, a modern sport practiced my modern people, but you probably noticed is very conservative, with lots of stereotypes and old fashioned ways of doing and behaving.

Flama Surfboard equipped with RSPro cork traction on a surfboard rack


We are part of those who want to change it from the inside while respecting the locals. But yes: Things can be done differently.

Flama Surfboard equipped with RSPro cork traction on the shapping room


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