A story about an April Fools joke and a manifesto on why we do what we do

We published this on social media on April 1st:  



But ... it was April Fools day. Many believed RSPro was out of business, some wrote later explaining they went to their local store to stock on RSPro products while they exist ... quite crazy. So I started to reflect on it, and why we're not gone on why we do things I ended up with the RSPro manifesto during a Saturday April morning.

It goes like this:

We're stronger than ever.

It's true, we want to offer alternatives to wax and EVA pads.

It's true, the most ecological way of life is to have no life.

But we don't want you fellow humans to disappear from planet Earth.

And we want to keep offering you alternatives to wax and EVA pads for as long as we can.

Not just because ecology reasons.

We want to offer you alternatives to wax because we don't want to produce wax. It would be easy for us. But, we think it's an odd thing, a thing form the past.

We want to offer you alternatives to EVA pads because we don't want to produce them. Why another brand doing the very same thing?. There're hundreds of brands producing them, with minimal innovation, in the same factories. Just with different labels. We could also do that. It's super easy. But for what? For who?

Some of you prefer the classic: wax, EVA pads, the status quo. Good for you then. We're not your brand. Look somewhere else. 

We don't pretend to produce for the majority.

We pretend to craft products just for a minority. For the rebels, for those who want to be different, for those who dare to change.

If you think this is bullshit and you prefer wax and that your impact on the environment is minimum, good for you. Maybe you're right. Who knows. Keep doing it.

If you think EVA pads are better than cork ones and that your impact on the environment for using and buying them is minimum, good for you. You may be right. Who knows. I don't know. Keep doing it.

Peace and surf. Whatever you have between your feet and your board.

For the those sick of the status quo: Here we are. Stronger than ever. 🤘🏼

#rspro #rspro_water

And here the video version: 

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