Paddle Grip RSPro Hexa launch

RSPro® is proud to announce the new generation of Paddle Grip technology: the Paddle Grip RSPro with HexaTraction technology.

RSPro's HexaTraction® technology, originally developed for board traction, brought to the paddle in the form of an even lighter and thinner grip, on a super thin support to get more grip, without adding weight or bulk.

The Paddle Grip RSPro Hexa comes in two color options. 

A discrete and elegant black matt on gloss matt, weighing just 4 grams:

Black on black Paddle Grip RSPro Hexa

A flashy, easy to spot black matt on yellow fluor, weighing just 6 grams:

Balck on Yellow Fluor Paddle Grip RSPro Hexa

Both options come in a single size designed to fit most paddles in the market: 28cmx10cm (11"x3.9").

Paddle Grip RSPro Hexa Yellow Fluor on the sand


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