Protect Your SUP Board with the Best Rail Tape: RSPro

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a fun and popular water sport, but it can also be tough on your board. The rail, being one of the most vulnerable parts of your board, is prone to damage from impacts, scratches, and dings. To prevent this, you need a high-quality rail tape that provides excellent protection and durability.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the best SUP rail tape in the market - RSPro.

Features of RSPro SUP Rail Tape

  • Highly durable protection for your SUP board's rail
  • Protects against impacts from paddle and transport
  • Thickness of 0.38mm for high impact and abrasion endurance
  • Smooth and drag-free experience 
  • Easy to install with self-glueing backing and a packaging with a carton squeegee
  • Available in a variety of designs and color combinations
RSPro SUP rail savers are available in a variety of colors and dimensions

    Why RSPro is the Best SUP Rail Tape

    RSPro has been the leading manufacturer of the best SUP rail tape since 2010. Born in Barcelona where all products are being made and with a decade of product innovation, design, and unwavering commitment to high-quality products and services, RSPro is proud to offer the best and highest quality stand up paddle rail protection in the market, proven by the fact that over 100,000 rail savers made by RSPro are currently in use.

    Unlike cheap imitations, RSPro rail tape provides outstanding protection for your valuable board, helping to maintain its resale value and ensuring that you get the most out of your investment.

    Why You Need Rail Tape for Your SUP Board

    Paddle blades are designed to be as efficient as possible, and when they accidentally impact the rail of your board, it can cause damage. To prevent this, you have three options: forget about the damage, protect your paddle blade, or protect your board with RSPro rail tape, the best rail protection on the market.

    Measures and Material of RSPro Rail Tape

    RSPro offers three sizes to fit a variety of SUP boards, including all-around, and surf SUPs, race and touring boards.

    Paddle surfer with on a SUP surf board with rail saver by RSPro


    Our rail tape is made from a semi-rigid 380 microns PVC with a lenticular pattern surface that is highly resistant to impact and abrasion. The lenticular pattern reduces thickness while maintaining impact resistance, and the rough surface allows for unnoticeable drag.


    In conclusion, if you want to protect your SUP board and keep it looking new, RSPro is the best rail tape for you. With its durability, easy installation, and excellent protection, you can enjoy your paddling adventures without worrying about damaging your board.

    So, choose RSPro for the best SUP rail protection money can buy!

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