RSPro rail protection Zero drag

When developing the surface of RSPro rail protection we opted for the lenticular pattern surface in order to be able to reduce weight without losing protection capabilities, and to simplify installation, as it allows for better fit on difficult surfaces.

RSPro SUP rail saver lenticular pattern

But at the same time, in order to reduce drag to the minimum.

For Carles, founder of RSPro and former motorcycle development engineer and weekend racer, aerodynamics and hydrodynamics are a key factor. But we didn't developed anything new, we got the inspiration from nature on how to use rough surfaces to reduce drag. For example, shark skin benefits from the rough surface to reduce vortice formation typical of smooth surfaces, resulting in water moving more efficiently over its skin:

Drag reducion in nature

This was copied years later on swimming suits, with the incredible results we all know, that even forced international organizations to ban them on Olympics.

Another classical example is the golf ball effect. Have a look at how more efficient a rough surface is against a smooth one:

Effect of dimples on a golf ball


And of course we were not the first ones to apply it to technical products where drag is key:

Dimples on a wheel

We're yet to prove it scientifically (we would need a robot paddler, and a long swimming pool), but we're sure our rail protection won't make you loose any second. So stop looking for excuses, and train hard.

Going even further we could affirm that our rail savers will make you faster ... but we won't. 


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