Reviews on the HexaTraction RSPro® board traction. Updated

Want to hear the opinion on the HexaTraction RSPro® from independent sources?. Here's what the press (*) has published so far. 

(*) RSPro® never paid any advertising to any of these sites: 

SUPTide installed the HexaTraction on a 404 SUP surf board and video reviewed it. Watch it clicking on the image below: 

SUP Tide video review of the HexaTraction

Surfbunker tested the HexaTraction on a couple of surfboards in France, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal and Morroco in a range of hip high to overhead waves. Read the conclusions clicking on the image below: 

Panda Doinker with Hexatraction tested the HexaTraction on a high performance SUPsurf board from Starboard. Read how it performed clicking on the image below:

Marco testing the HexaTraction on a Starboard SUP surf

TodoSurf tested the HexaTraction during 8 months to make sure about the product durability and about the possible damage to the wetsuit. Click on the photo below to read the full review in Spanish: 

Todosurf test del HexaTraction

4actionsport tested the HexaTraction on the surf, and wrote (in italian): Bye Wax. Click on the image below for the full article:

Surfers looking at the HexaTraction on a DHD surf board

Kite World Mag on their Most Wanted Christmas List: "An alternative to wax, the HexaTraction pads work in any temperature and are light, thin and fully translucent, providing brilliant grip for your front foot ..."

Gear Patrol wrote: "If you want to hang 10 on the ocean blue, but the thought of waxing your board again has you blue, think hexagons. These grippy guys come in sets of 18 and install easily, providing wax-less traction for any board, without the mess and fuss" 

Surfer Today: Read about this "Wax is not the most eco-friendly product on earth, and traction pads can be heavy and too permanent. Is there a hybrid solution that blends both worlds? Yes, there is" and more clicking on the image below: 

HexaTraction RSPro review at Surfer Today from Portugal

Clad. The stylish gear curator covered our launch in a short article you can read clicking on the photo below

Clad reviews RSPro Hexa Traction grip for surf boards

Costa Surf. We already wrote about their test here. The test is in Spanish, but hey, Google Translate is great.

Sup Boarder: Wrote this: "On the water the HexaTraction was really grippy – surfing in shoulder high waves on a 7’6×27′ surf SUP (rider weight 65kg). You could confidently use the extra grip on the front of the board to make more critical manoeuvres and keep my balance through whitewater when paddling out back". Click on the photo below to read the full review:

SUP Boarder magazine tested the real transparent board grip and traction: HexaTraction

Stand Up Paddle Mag UK. Opinion was: "HexaTraction is a beautiful looking product that takes the traditional need for grip, turns it on its head and delivers something altogether different but no less efficient". Read the full review clicking on the next picture

SUP Mag UK testing the HexaTraction board grip and traction


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