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Some weeks ago, I received an email from Daniel Gomez, a RSPro customer, explaining that he was developing an app to track riversurf or stationary waves surfing sessions:

A RSPro customer ✅, developing things for the surfing industry ✅, with a global reach ✅. Sign me up. 

I immediately wanted to know more, and here's what Daniel has to say about A free watch app for stationary waves.

The riversurf app at the Eisback with a board equipped with RSPro at the bottom


After many years without surfing I've always regretted not continuing with it, until I discovered the Citywave in my city. After two sessions, I got addicted to it.

The thing is that I use a Garmin watch for the registration of my sports activity and I realized that there was no application useful in Garmin or in any other system to monitor riversurf sessions. There are apps for paddle surf, surfing, etc. but they are not entirely applicable to riversurf. So I decided to create the first one.

The particular needs of stationary waves

In stationary waves you don't have paddling, you don't have tides, take offs are usually not necessary and therefore the apps of similar sports can't contribute too much. Similar activities regarding body mobility and measurement with wearables can be surfskate and wakeboard, disciplines that also monitors quite well. The founder at Citywave Madrid

How it works is intended to detect when you enter on the wave, when you leave it, speed of surfing, surfed distance, effective surfing time, etc.

All this is automatically saved in Garmin Connect, but you can also pair your watch with the web application and centralize all your sessions in a single place.

On the web, you will have all your records privately and in addition, you can also see spots and users who frequent them, if you want to contact them and make friends in your favorite areas. today

For now it's developed for Garmin exclusively. It has passed many tests and has gotten help from users in Eisbach, Citywave, surfskaters and wakeboarders.

With almost 700 downloads, the time has come to officially present in public, share it and seek help from sponsors that allow it to grow and make place as a useful and free option for river surfing fans. If you want to contribute, I will be happy to talk and see how we can focus your help.

An app to track stationary waves

The near future

The focus is directed to transferring the development to wearOS and iOS to expand the user community to all the systems that currently exist with the ability to admit third-party apps in their stores.

Also grow the website to carry all your sessions in your pocket and facilitate the relationship between colleagues that frequent the same places.

Improve possibilities, give a complete service and with the help of the brands, bring to the user a nice tool without any investment for it.

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