RSPro Creators | Kentaro Yoshida interview

We teamed up with Japanese illustrator Kentaro Yoshida. And the illustration is 🔥

We're using it in a beautiful, 100% organic cotton tee, in stickers and ... let's see what more. 

Adri Perarnau with the RSPro Skull Surfer tee


But let's stop the self talk and dive in to know more about Kentaro.

Grab a beer and enjoy the interview 

Carles: Ken, could you tell us a little bit about your background and how you got into drawing? Is it something you have always done?

Ken: I have been a doodle kid when I was really young. I always drew characters from Japanese comics, such as Dragon Ball or Gundam. I still remember my dream was to be a manga (Japanese comic) artist. I kept drawing during my teenage, but I never thought I’d be an illustrator for living back in that time. 

Kentaro Yoshida RSPro interview


What kind of projects have you worked on recently? What was the most challenging? The most rewarding?

I have been working on quite few projects thankfully since 2021 kicked off. They are diverse from commercial jobs with brands to local council work. I recently finished first public mural for the council and community I have lived in since I moved to Australia. I have been living here for 17 years so I feel like I could finally return something to the community I love to be a part of. 

Kentaro Yoshida painting a mural


What are your other hobbies and passions?

I like surfing although I am not a good surfer. I have lived in a coastal town since I moved to Australia and I decided to stay here longer and longer, because I started surfing here. Now I have lived here for 17 years, which is almost half of my entire life, and I have 2 Australian daughters! (They are both pure Japanese, born in Australia so they both have Australian passports). I think surfing has changed my life direction completely and glad to be able to surf whenever I want now.  

How would you describe your illustrations in one word?

Bold / quirky / delicate

What inspired you for the RSPro collab?

I found the RSPro product has a unique and distinct shape so that people would easily recognise it. So that I wanted to feature their product in my illustration. Also as we can not travel overseas yet, I wanted to illustrate some dreamy tropical surf spot as a key motif for the illustration. I am a goofy footer so always left.  

"Skull Surfer" by Kentaro Yoshida for RSPRo 2021


How do you see the future of illustration in the digital era?

For a lot of client jobs for merchandise design or when clients ask me for a digital outcome as a finished format, I illustrate / create artwork digitally and it is really handy. I think it keeps growing and allows a lot of people to be able to draw better stuff easily. But I kinda missed the time I drew with ink and markers for final key line artwork and scanned them in, then created digital artwork these days. I feel like it is better to keep analogue methods and moments you draw / scribble stuff you like with pencils, pens or brushes too. For me,  now I like painting bigger scale murals too so I think I am trying to balance out between analogue & digital world.  

Do you have any quick advice for aspiring illustrators out there?

To be honest, I don’t have much advice as I am also surviving in the same industry in this strange time of the world. But I’d say you can use your own experience / memories / thoughts / characters / environment to build up your concept. There are so many great illustrators & artists in the world and everyone showcased great work and it's really hard to stand out. But if you are making your own work then I believe you can be different from others at least and I find it is really important. 

Exploring nowhere by Kentaro Yoshida


Thanks Ken. It's been great working with you!!!

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