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RSPro Creators | Marta Davma

A flat day in Barcelona is not that bad as you would imagine.

No Waves day interview with Marta Davila about the surf and skate scene in Barcelona

We spent an early morning surf skating with Marta and talking about her, the surfing and skating scene in the city and how lucky we are.

Grab a beer, sit, relax and enjoy a video summary of our conversation with Marta while she surfskates near the beach and in the park:


Marta wears the black "Guardians of the Ocean" tee in size L.


Here the short interview transcript: 

Aren: mmm what can I ask you

Marta: I don't know, you say. Do you want the typical? How I started skating and that stuff.

Aren: nah I don't want the typical s*hit. 

Marta: I tell you my special things in life

Aren: We can start there.

Marta: I have two brothers that are the f*cking best. 

My family is the best thing ever, I have two brothers Carlos and Nacho, And they are badass guys.

They basically brought me everywhere and that's why I became skater, surfer...Yeah, that's why I started doing everything.

I was born and raised in Sitges, that is a little seaside village close by to Barcelona.

I used to compete in sailing where I won the "Worlds" in 2013-2014. Don't put that but yeah ;). 

I studied Data Science and Engineering and now I work for the European Space Agency programming where are the satellites at Meteosat. I guess that's all my life.

Aren: What is surfing for you? Is a sport? An art?

Marta: I think surfing is way more, than just art or sport. It's a way of living, it connects you with absolutely everything. It's a way of living life, it's a way of doing things, it's learning...

It's everything. It's just learn to do everything correctly, just learn to have freedom, just learn so many things with surfing.

Aren: What do you think about the situation of the surfing, skateboarding and surfksate scene here in Barcelona?

Marta: I think we are very lucky here in Barcelona with surf, skate and all the communities there are. 

Obviously the skate community is the bigger one and we are extremely lucky with that. We got great skateparks, great spots in the streets, everything. But also the surf scene is really cool, people underestimate, people don't know what we really have here on Barcelona.

We actually get really good swells and the community is super cool, so yeah I think we are lucky in Barcelona. We got everything, we got skate, we got surf, we got snowboard pretty close by so...

We are lucky here.