RSPro first tail pads are here. Hexa Tail and Hexa Tail Wide

Why most tail pads look the same?

Why most tail pads are made in a few factories very far away?

Why most tail pads are not more sustainable?

Why all that plastic wrap?

So many questions. So many doubts. So many preconceived concepts. And don't get me wrong. It's normal. It's pretty hard to break with all this. We've been almost two years to break all of them. 

Story how the RSPro Hexa Tail was conceived

But let's stop the BS. Today is party day. The Hexa Tail and Hexa Tail Wide are here. 

RSPro Hexa Tail and Hexa Tail Wide collection

A 3 plus piece honeycomb, compact and sustainable surf tail grip that works both on narrow and wide tail boards depending on the configuration you choose. All inside a super compact plastic-free cardboard packaging

RSPro Hexa Tail cardboard  and compact packaging

Made in Barcelona. As always. 

The Hexa Tail is made out of two types of hexagons: Type A has a tail kick of 25mm. Type B is flat. By combining 1 type A + 2 type B hexagons you have the Hexa Tail for boards with narrow tails. By combining 2 type A + 1 type B hexagons you have the Hexa Tail Wide for boards with wide tails like retro fishes, foil boards or SUP surf boards. 

RSPro Hexa Tail Wide in the swimming pool

Inspired in the one and only RSPro HexaTraction. Same shape, same dimensions. Perfect match.

And know what? it’s made out of cork to match our Front Grips and layered over an EVA kick.

Super thin base with no arch or bumps allows for more foot movement and board feeling. 

RSPro Hexa Tail seen from the tail

And the feedback we get during testing is exciting. 

RSPro Hexa Tail on a Slater Sci Fi 2 owned y boardporn

We're super happy. Hope you love it. 

RSPro co-Founder & Manager
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